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Apparently, the Lone Star State, Harris County, H-Town, and local Latinos are lagging behind the rest of the U.S. of A. on returning 2010 census forms.  Well what did they expect?

Check out what was in Saturday’s Chron:  “As of Friday afternoon, only 27 percent of Texas households had filled in and returned their census forms — well below the national average of 34 percent — according to computer data from the U.S. Census Bureau. In Harris County, the response rate is 23 percent. Houston’s returns are running at 21 percent.”   Here’s the story.

For the past 15 months, Guv Dude, GOP members of congress from the Lone Star state, and the GOP have gone around the state demonizing the federal government so of course you are going to get push back on folks taking a few minutes to fill out the census form.  Heck some folks might be protesting of sorts.

Last year, local immigration reform activist Cesar Espinosa and H-Town City Council Member James Rodriguez warned local city and law enforcement officials not to cozy up with ICE and all that 287(g) stuff because one of the outcomes would be Latinos not feeling comfortable filling out their census forms.  But no, it was more politically macho to bang around on paperless folks.  I hate to say it, but Cesar and CM James told you so!

Plus, let’s not forget that paperless folks have been used as a political piñata throughout the U.S. of A. for the past decade.  It doesn’t look too good for decent Latino participation in the 2010 census. 

Cy Young was born 143 years ago today.  Of course, he’s no longer in the starting rotation these days.   Who are the only ‘Stros to ever be Cy Young Award winners?

Commentary checked out on the tube Former Governor Palin campaigning in Arizona for her former boss last Friday.  She then went to Searchlight, Nevada Saturday to campaign against Majority Leader Reid. She was in the Lone Star State last month to campaign for Dude.  She’s going to get her own TV show that pays her $1 mil per episode.  She’s still signing books.  She’s having the time of her life.

In terms of GOP star power, there is Former Governor Palin and then there is the rest of the GOP bunch.  Heck, she’s is their Obama.  She will be the most covered GOPer in 2010 even though she won’t be on the ballot – go figure!

Mike Scott in 1986 and The Rocket in 2004 of course.

MLB finally comes to The Yard this week as the ‘Stros host the Jays for two spring training games Friday night and Saturday afternoon!  Meanwhile, the ‘Stros will be deciding this week which 25 players will be wearing the brick red on Opening Day – a week from today!


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