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Who was the ‘Stros Opening Day pitcher in 2000, the year we first wore the brick red?

Commentary doesn’t think the case has been made to tinker with H-Town’s City Council term limits.  At last night’s meeting only one person got up to speak during the public session.   Less than a handful of folks showed up if you don’t count the Term Limits Review Commission members and some staff.

Last night’s meeting was the third that has allowed the public to give their three cents worth.  Commentary has been to all three and I haven’t seen leaders from either political party, no labor folks, none of the Dem Party groups that endorse in city races, no GLBTers, aside from the engineers, none of the other interests groups that get involved in city races like realtors, apartment owners, home builders, and business PACS, no media members, and none of the online opinion givers.  A few from the mover-and-shaker crowd, a couple of super neighborhood types, a few civic leaders, a couple of elected officials, a couple of former elected officials, and a few others have weighed in.  So far it looks like there is not a whole lot of public interest to change or not to change the current system.

At last night’s meeting the only speaker was a fella named Larry Lane (I think) who supported 2 2-year terms for total city service meaning if you served two terms on council, you couldn’t run for mayor or controller.  You could serve one term on council and run for mayor or controller but could only serve one term in either.  When asked if 2 terms was enough to give council members experience to grasp city issues, he said “serving on council isn’t rocket science.”

Rice University’s Dr. Bob Stein, a Commission member, had his staff/students present some interesting research on H-Town’s term limits.  They reported that since term limits have gone into effect city council has become more diverse, and there have been more minority and women candidates for city council.

Dr. Stein also talked about past polling in H-Town on term limits and pretty much said that the more educated supported the current term limits system and also got more support from GOPers (60%) than Dems (48%).  Anglos (58%) and Latinos (55%) also tended to be more in favor of term limits over African Americans (48%).

The folks that serve on the Term Limits Review Commission are an impressive bunch.  I’d have them on my team any day but they have kind of a thankless task.  By July 1, they have to come up with a recommendation.   As I left the meeting (it was getting past my bedtime) they were discussing a poll they were going to put in to the field that asks about the current system, 2 4-year terms, or two 3 year terms. I don’t know about that.

It seems like a whole lot of something for nothing if you get my drift.  Stay tuned!

Shane Reynolds of course when we opened on the road against the Pirates on April 4, 2000 in Three Rivers Stadium is also celebrating his 42nd BD today.  Happy Birthday to Shane Reynolds who had five straight Opening Day starts (1996-2000) as a ‘Stro!

For the ‘Stros first weekday day game this season on Wednesday, April 7 versus the Giants at 1 pm, they are calling it the “9 Inning Lunch Break” with a package that includes one (1) Field Box ticket and $20 in Minute Maid Park food and beverage vouchers. A $59 value for only $40!  Since I already have my ticket that cost me $39, I wonder if I can hand over a buck and pick up my $20 grub voucher.


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