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The fallout from Sunday’s health care reform vote includes threats being made to Dem members of Congress that voted yes.  The media has been playing the recordings of some of the threatening phone calls – yikes!  Who is to blame?

I think it is a sign of the times and that’s too bad.  With 24-7 cable news, twitters, Facebooks, internet, emails, talking points, photo shop, and all this new media and gadget stuff, it is a lot easier to get folks riled up. 

Some folks said yesterday that the leadership in DC from both parties ought to stand together in some sort of photo op and ask folks across the U.S. of A. to be more civil.  Even if they did that, it is not going to stop the Glenn Peckers and Rush Limblows from spewing their hate.  Remember, they get paid to promote hate.  Unfortunately, we just have to live with this these days.

Just wait until they take up immigration reform – double yikes!

This season the ‘Stros will be celebrating 45 years as ‘Stros when we first started being ‘Stros in 1965 – get it.  Who represented the ‘Stros in the 1965 MLB All Star Game and where was it played?

Commentary will be attending tonight’s meeting of H-Town’s Term Limits Review Commission at 7 pm at City Hall.  Let’s see who shows up tonight.  Of course, when the Commission finally makes a recommendation sometime this June, all kinds of folks are going to open their pieholes and offer their three cents.  I’m betting that most of those that opine never make it to a Commission meeting.

I’m telling you, you are missing out on hearing what folks think about how the city is run.  It has been a very informative civics lesson.  Be there or else!

Pitcher Turk Farrell of course represented us in Bloomington, Minnesota in 1965.

They still read Commentary at The Yard for sure.  Here’s what I said last week:  “This season at The Yard, the ‘Stros will be commemorating their 45th season as ‘Stros – get it!    We were the Colt ‘45s in 1962 but became ‘Stros when we moved to the Dome in 1965. On Saturday, April 10 when we play the Phillies at The Yard, both teams will be wearing their 1965 uniforms – cool!  I wonder if they will have 1965 concession prices for grub.”

Here’s what The Yard put out this week:  “As part of the April 10 anniversary celebration, the Astros have set aside 1,965 tickets in the View Deck II and Outfield Deck sections to be offered at $3.50, which is the same as the 1965 price of Astrodome tickets for box seats and several upper level sections. This special pricing is only available online at http://www.astros.com while supplies last. Special pricing for food and beverages will be offered as well, including $1.00 hot dogs, compliments of Classic Foods, and $1.00 Coca-Cola Classic fountain sodas (while supplies last).”

Of course, St. Arnold wasn’t around in 1965 so their price won’t be discounted.


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