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First of all let me say Commentary isn’t a soccer fan – sorry.  I’ve never been to a Dynamo game and it is not on my things to do list.  I think I’ve watched a couple or so World Cup games on the tube.  That being said I do support those that are trying to get a Downtown Soccer Stadium built next to The Yard because I think it is good for H-Town and H-Town’s East Downtown. 

After being stuck in the ditch for the past year or so, The H-Town Mayor has gotten the stadium negotiations moving to a point where the H-Town City Council will vote on final parts of the deal next Wednesday.  Here’s what CM James Rodriguez said on Chron.com:  “I’m really excited to see we’re moving forward.  What we have here is a transparent road map.”

If built, the soccer stadium will be located in Rodriguez’ District I.

You have to hand it to The H-Town Mayor for taking charge on this issue.

The Chron has a front page piece on the stadium deal and the Chron’s Columnist also weighs in.   Potential deal reached on Dynamo.   and   Soccer and El Franco Lee territory.

Here’s what former taxman Paul Bettencourt had to say:  “This type of stuff should go up for public vote.  Public policy would be better served by a public vote.”

This fella is just itching to get back out there and be against stuff.

Here’s what the Chron’s Columnist says:  “Serious economists will tell you that stadiums and arenas don’t generate much new development.”

I don’t know about that. If my pal Drayton and The Dean hadn’t made sure that The Yard was built Downtown, I wonder what that part of Downtown would look like today.

The Inn at the Ballpark wouldn’t be there.  Same for Vic and Anthony’s and maybe The Alden and maybe Discovery Green and maybe all the housing east of Highway 59 and maybe that Park One high rise and maybe the Home Plate Grill and Lucky’s and The Bus.  It is still a work in progress for sure but The Yard created development and that you can take to the bank.

The Chron’s Columnist also says that The Yard only guarantees 81 events.  Oh yeah!  It is actually 83.

‘Stros catchers J.R. Towles and Jason Castro are competing for the starting job.  Where were they drafted out of? 

Being the VP of the US of A is a big f__king deal because you get to use the bad arse “f__k” word just like Little Dick Cheney did when he called Sen. Pat Leahy a “mother f___er” on the Senate floor a few years back so what’s the big f__king deal anyway.

Towles out of Collin County Community College and Castro out of Stanford of course.

From the ‘Stros for Opening Day:  “The game’s ceremonial first pitches will be thrown out by members of an upcoming NASA space shuttle mission, recreating the inaugural ceremonial first pitch at the Astrodome in April 1965 thrown by 22 Mercury astronauts.”

How about that!


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