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A day after getting their arses run on health care reform, GOP leaders said they would not be cooperating on issues like Guantanamo, immigration, and financial services.  That’s a gamble they take if they refuse to work with Dems.  On the immigration reform front, this will just anger Latino voters (of course it will not matter if the Dem Party doesn’t implement a Latino voter engagement strategy).  It is going to be difficult for the GOP to sustain a noncooperation strategy over the next seven months. 

Meanwhile, Lubbock GOP Congressman Randy Neugebauer got him his 15 minutes of fame yesterday. 

Partisanship has gotten so bad that the GOP can’t even acknowledge who got scoreboard.  They can’t even be good sports and shake hands. 

From the Separation of Church and State Department, Lakewood Mega Church will buy The Summit, err Compaq Center, err Lakewood Mega Church they’ve been renting from the City of H-Town for $7.5 mil.  The Summit originally opened in 1975 at a then hefty price of $27 mil to build.  After Toyota Center opened in 2003, we turned it over to the Lakewood Church for around $11.8 mil in prepaid rent.  Lakewood put in $75 mill in renovations.  So a building that we paid $27 mil to build 35 years ago, we’re getting $19.5 mil.  I wonder if we would have gotten a better deal if we had just sold them the building back in 2003.  I guess we’ll hear that the $7.5 mil is a good deal in light of the fact that the City is hard up for cashola these days.

When Roy O stepped on the mound for his first Opening Day start at The Yard on April 1, 2003 versus the Rockies he had what ‘Stros starters on the field behind him that day that will be wearing the brick red on Monday, April 5 versus the Giants?

An H-Town City Council Committee will meet today and get a briefing and progress report on the Downtown Soccer Stadium. 

I was checking out this season’s schedule and found that there are eight 1 pm start times on weekdays at The Yard.  Wednesday, April 7 (Giants), Thursday, June 3 (Nats), Thursday, June 24 (Giants), Thursday, July 8 (Pirates), Wednesday, July 28 (Cubbies), Wednesday, August 11 (The ATL), Wednesday, September 1 (San Luis), and Wednesday, September 15 (The Brew Crew).  There is also a 1 pm start on Monday, May 31 (Nats) but that’s Memorial Day.  I think I’ll be able to handle the schedule.

Geoff Blum at third base back them and The Big Puma in left field back then of course.  If The Big Puma’s knee doesn’t get better soon, Blum might get to start at first base.

According to the ‘Stros, on Opening Day, “the National Anthem will be sung by Texas Country Music artist, Jack Ingram.  A Houston-area native, Ingram has won multiple awards including the 2008 Academy of Country Music Top New Male Vocalist Award.”


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