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This past weekend’s health care reform debate on CNN was definitely must see TV.  It was historical and dramatic as vote Numero 216 flashed on the screen at 9:45 pm local time last night.  I actually think last night’s vote will help Dems this November.  Many were writing off Dems the day after the Massachusetts Massacre.  I think I said that it would be turned around if The President took control.  He did and Dems are better off.

Speaking of November, the Chron has a front page story on Guv Dude versus The Former H-Town Mayor and their vulnerabilities on spending and budget cutting.  It is an interesting piece in that it points out that they pretty much are vulnerable on the same things.  Check it out. 

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, The Former H-Town Mayor released his tax returns for last year but not for his other five years as Mayor.  In the Chron piece on the release, SMU political scientist Cal Jillson said sooner or later The Former Mayor will cough them up.  Jillson said “most candidates for high office release five years of tax returns.  The question is how much blood is exacted from him before he decides to do that.”

Stay tuned!

This past weekend the ‘Stros announced that Roy O would be the starting pitcher on Opening Day, making this Roy O’s eighth straight Opening Day start.  Who was the first team Roy O faced on his Opening Day debut?

Commentary has been doing a little house cleaning and came across Time Magazine’s 1996 pre GOP national convention issue and they had a two page spread on the Rising GOPers.  Here’s who they named back in 1996:

Utah’s Governor Michael Leavitt ended up serving in 43’s Cabinet at the EPA and Health and Human Services.

Indianapolis Mayor Steve Goldsmith ran a couple of unsuccessful statewide races in Indiana and ended up being appointed by 43 to Chair the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Kansas U.S. Senatorial candidate Sam Brownback won and is now retiring and running for Kansas governor.

California A.G Dan Lungren is now in Congress.

Ohio Treasurer Kenneth Blackwell ended up being Ohio’s Secretary of State and ran unsuccessfully for governor and RNC Chair.  He is still hanging around somewhere.

Ohio Congressman John Kasich was Newt’s Budget Chair and left congress in 2000, thought about running for Prez in 2000, didn’t and is now running for Governor of Ohio.

San Diego Mayor Susan Golding ran unsuccessfully for higher office and still lives in San Diego.

Oklahoma Congressman Steve Largent ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2002.

New York Congresswoman Susan Molinari resigned in 1997 to go work for CBS but that didn’t work out and now does lobbying.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Rick Perry has probably become the most notable and influential of the 1996 Time Magazine Rising GOPers as he has now achieved the status of Guv Dude.

In this past weekend’s Star Telegram, there is a piece about Latinos in Fort Worth wanting to name a street after Cesar Chavez.  Here’s what a Latino leader says:  "Cesar Chavez is a hero to the Hispanic community.  He is our Martin Luther King. We need to be promoting individuals like that."

I don’t know about that.

Also this past weekend, it looks like the City of H-Town won’t catch the fire station graffiti writer thanks to a rinky-dink Keystone Kops style investigation that was conducted by the city.  Way to go!

Roy O of course beat the Rockies (10-4) on April 1, 2003 at The Yard.  The opposing starter was a fella named Jason Jennings who we sent to the showers after four innings after he gave up a dinger to Jeff Kent and two dingers to Jeff Bagwell.  Four years later the ‘Stros traded for Jennings – huh!


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