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The Former H-Town Mayor got another story in today’s Chron that he probably didn’t want to see.  Check it out.   It has only been 16 days since the March 2 Primary and already Guv Dude’s campaign has had a few juicy morsels handed to them. 

On another front, the H-Town Mayor is supposed to announce her METRO appointments today.   Usually when new METRO appointees are announced, the media will ask them if they ever ride the METRO bus, ride the light rail, have a METROpass, or use the park and ride.  You want to bet on this?

What is higher – the President’s salary or the minimum salary for a Major League Baseball player?

Speaking of, right after the Massachusetts Massacre earlier this year, Commentary pleaded for The President to take charge and it looks like he did as we are nearing a winning vote on health care reform and GOP leaders are crying for a technical foul.

Remember when GOP members of Congress from the Lone Star State were crying and saying that The President had it in for the Lone Star State and they pointed to the Sealy plant and the Constellation Project.  Hey, on his NCAA bracket, The President has A&M and Baylor making the Sweet Sixteen so shut up and quit crying.

The two GOP U.S. Senators from the Lone Star State have invited The President to tour the border.  Before The President accepts the invite, he ought to ask the Senators to let him have a few U.S. Attorneys first.

Tie goes to the runner as they say.  The President makes $400,000 and the Major League Baseball minimum salary for a player is $400,000. 

On Opening Day at The Yard on Monday, April 5, as part of the pregame festivities, some former Navy SEALS will parachute on to the field – cool! 


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