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Commentary told a reporter the other day that the race between Guv Dude and The Former H-Town Mayor would be interesting in that we would see if the Former Mayor could take a punch.  I meant could he take the stuff that Dude’s campaign throws at him and the media scrutiny that comes with running a major statewide race.

Well it has started.  Here’s what a recent Beaumont Enterprise editorial had to say about the Former Mayor refusing to release his personal income taxes while serving as mayor:

“The campaign for governor takes precedence. If (Bill) White won’t release the information, he is telling voters he will always put their interests first – unless they conflict with his own.”


Here’s the complete editorial.

In today’s hard copy of the Chron, here is one of the headlines on the front page: “White tied to company facing pollution probe.”

Ditto Ouch!

The Chron’s R.G. wrote the story that I’m sure has Dude’s staff salivating.  Check it out.

On the front page of the Chron’s City & State Section, the Chron’s Columnist also weighs in on releasing the tax returns.  Check it out.

Ditto, ditto ouch!

Plus you have to throw in the sides so to speak.  Like the other story in today’s Chron about the Former Mayor’s METRO Chair ordering an investigation of the METRO CEO.  Check it out.

The Former Mayor appointed the majority of the METRO Board so he owns it for now.

Ditto, ditto, ditto ouch!

Look, we know Dude can take a punch because that’s all we’ve been doing to him for the past ten years.  We’re going to find out soon if the Former Mayor can take a punch.

Which African American MLB pitcher has won the most games – Fergie Jenkins, Dwight Gooden, Vida Blue, Satchel Paige, or Bob Gibson?

Deem and pass gas is what I have to say about the health care reform bill.  I really don’t care what kind of procedure is used.  The GOP is going to say we voted for the Cornhusker Shuffle, the Louisiana Purchase, Obamacare, the DH in the National League, the BCS System, Hillarycare, Medicaid for Gatos, Instant Replay in the MLB, and anything else they want to throw in.

Tiger is coming back and that’s A-OK with me as long as it is A-OK with his wife.  I’m betting at least one of his others shows up at Augusta sponsored by US, or TMZ, or some other media outlet and sets up a tent to give interviews so they can get another fifteen minutes of fame.

Fergie Jenkins of course won 284 games.

From the ‘Stros:  “Continuing an effort started in 2009, the Pink in the Park initiative, dedicated to breast cancer awareness, will be complemented with several ‘pink’ items on Mother’s Day weekend. Items include a pink cap (May 7), tote bag (May 8) and t-shirt (May 9, Mother’s Day). The Astros will also be celebrating Father’s Day (June 20) with the traditional Father’s Day Tie that features a prostate cancer awareness theme. “

How come they don’t hand out pink T-shirts to the fellas?  I’d wear one with honor and pride.


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