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Since our Dem leaders are predicting a vote on health care reform at the end of the week, it looks like it will pass.  They wouldn’t call a vote to see it go down in flames after all. 

Former GOP House Majority Leader Dick Armey is saying that the GOP is pi__ing off Latino voters on the immigration issue.  Here’s one of his quotes from an article in the Chron: "Republicans have to get this right and get off this goofiness.  Ronald Reagan said ‘tear down this wall.’ Tom Tancredo said ‘build this wall.’ Which is right?"

What else is new?   Check out the article.  

Commentary got the Census 2010 form yesterday and I filled it out and will be putting it in the mail today.  To deal with the expected undercount in the Latino community, I added a few more names in my household just to play it safe.  What the heck!

There was a rumor swirling around yesterday in the MLB about an Albert Pujols for Ryan Howard “monster” trade – huh!  I didn’t believe it.  I’ve been to Busch Stadium and the favorite jersey that Cardinal fans wear is Albert’s.  What is his jersey number?

Yesterday afternoon a Houston METRO bus ran into a Houston METRO train a couple of blocks from the Houston METRO headquarters.  No wonder there was a story on Channel 11 news last night about the Houston METRO CEO looking for a new job.

Numero Cinco of course.

This season at The Yard, the ‘Stros will be commemorating their 45th season as ‘Stros – get it!    We were the Colt ‘45s in 1962 but became ‘Stros when we moved to the Dome in 1965. On Saturday, April 10 when we play the Phillies at The Yard, both teams will be wearing their 1965 uniforms – cool!  I wonder if they will have 1965 concession prices for grub?


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