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Now I know why they call it March Madness.  East Regional games are played in San Jose, California and New Orleans.  South Regional Games are played in Providence, Rhode Island and Spokane, Washington.  Midwest Regional games are played in Providence and Spokane.  West Regional games are played in Buffalo, New York, Oklahoma City, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Chron’s E-Board weighed in today on HISD’s decision to review its alternative schools program.  The E-Board supports the HISD Superintendent’s decision.   Check it out.

The H-Town Mayor will be making her five METRO appointees this week.  I think they will be pretty good picks just based on how The Mayor has been handling stuff her first 75 days or so.  Stay tuned!

Before the March 2 Primaries, Commentary predicted that even if Hutch barely made it into a run-off with Guv Dude, there would not be a run-off.  Some folks kind of wondered what the heck I was talking about.  Well remember when Buddy Temple made then run-off against Mark White in 1982 then dropped out a few days later and there wasn’t a run-off?  Here’s what is in the Statesman’s online edition today:  “Besides, even if she’d squeaked into a runoff, (Jim, one of her finance guys) Francis said, Hutchison had already decided to concede if she trailed Perry by 20 percentage points or so — and she did.”  Hey, what do I know!

Who in MLB would say something like:  “When I am right, no one remembers.  When I am wrong, no one forgets.”

Former Dem VP candidate John Edwards’ mistress/girlfriend gave an interview to GQ and included some photos.  She shows a lot of leg for sure if you know what I mean.  I checked it out on the “Today Show” this morning.

Actor Peter Graves left us yesterday and he also left us this killer line from “Airplane”:  “do you like movies about gladiators?”

An MLB umpire named Doug Harvey of course.

If you like movies about frequent flyer miles, check out “Up in the Air.”  Also check out Best Picture “The Hurt Locker.”

Speaking of, if you have access to HBO, you need to be checking out “The Pacific” that just started last night.

The Big Puma was sidelined over the weekend with a surgical procedure on his knee but he hopes to be ready by Opening Day on April 5 when we take on the Giants.  My ‘Stros tickets came in and featured are The Big Puma, Hunter Pence, Wandy, Numero 45, Bourn to Run, and Roy O.


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