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Edgar sent Commentary a note yesterday about the H-Town Mayor’s quotes in the Chron the past couple of weeks and the probability that Guv Dude’s campaign folks would use them against the Former H-Town Mayor.  Here are the quotes from the H-Town Mayor again:

“For years now, we have spent more money than we have taken in. You can’t spend more than you earn. It is a very unbusinesslike approach to running things.”

“METRO is a dysfunctional organization.”

Sure enough, Dude’s campaign pounced on the quotes.  I guess that’s why Edgar teaches politics at UH-Downtown. 

If the stuff at Houston METRO, you know, tax dollars being spent on romantic getaways, gets traction, expect Dude’s folks to wrap it around the Former Mayor’s neck.  Stay tuned!

As far as the H-Town Mayor goes, she has to worry about running the City and not worry about her predecessor’s campaign.  I don’t think she will measure her words based on how they will play out in Wichita Falls or Bowie, Texas.

This former ‘Stro is 68 today and was also involved in one of the ‘Stros’ not so good trades.   Name the player and the trade.

Here’s from an AP story running in a few papers today:

“Cell phone use has contributed to thousands of Texas automobile accidents since 2005, according to records obtained by a San Antonio television station through an open-records request.

“WOAI examined the Texas Department of Transportation database and found that investigating officers cited cell phone use as a contributing factor in more than 17,519 accidents with 7,519 injuries and 167 deaths. San Antonio led the state with 1,611 crashes in the past five years.

“San Antonio attorney Mitchell Ginsburg told the station he’s seen an increase in cases involving drivers distracted while texting or talking on their phones, with many of those cases more severe than others.”

What’s the hold-up on ordinances or state laws banning these devices while driving?

Jimmy “The Toy Cannon” Wynn was traded to the LA Dodger for Claude Osteen and Dave Culpepper after the 1973 season.  The Toy Cannon went on to help the Dodgers win the NL Pennant in 1974 and had a dinger in Game 1 of the 1974 World Serious versus the A’s.  He made the NL All Star Team as a Dodger in ’74 and ’75.  He ended his career after the ’77 season.  Osteen had a so-so season as a ‘Stro in 1974 and we traded him away after one season.  He was out of baseball the year after.  Culpepper was a minor leaguer and never made it to the Bigs as a ‘Stro.

Happy Birthday Toy Cannon!

The Toy Cannon works for the ‘Stros and you can usually catch him signing autographs before games on the main concourse.  He’ll be there Opening Day for sure.


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