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The H-Town Mayor says she doesn’t think we have the money to build all the light rail lines.  So for right now, it doesn’t look too promising for the Uptown and University Lines.  She also says she is going to appoint her five new METRO Board members next week.  That’s good news because METRO’s current leadership has just about lost all credibility with most of the public. 

The fella that runs Houston’s METRO has some serious issues he’s got to ‘splain.  According to last night’s Channel 11 news and today’s Chron, folks are alleging that he’s involved in a romantic relationship with his, err METRO’s chief-of-staff – yikes.  On the news last night, they showed the METRO chief leaving the courthouse and he was asked questions about his alleged relationship and he couldn’t even muster a “no comment.”  He had that look of:  “I wonder what I’m going to be doing next week.” 

When they can your arse over at METRO, do they at least give you a bus token to get home?

Of the ‘Stros’ projected 25 player roster that will open the season at The Yard on April 5, how many have a World Serious Ring?

Meanwhile, according to the Chron, the City of H-Town is looking at a $100 mil shortfall in the next budget.  Here’s what H-Town’s Mayor had to say:  “For years now, we have spent more money than we have taken in. You can’t spend more than you earn. It is a very unbusinesslike approach to running things.”  Ouch!

I’ll say this.  Commentary very much respects how the H-Town Mayor is dealing with this mess.  She’s letting us know what to expect.  She’s not going to sugar coat anything.  She has some good council members that she can work with to get us thought this problem. 

One of the most unusual names in the MLB is 30 today.  Happy Birthday to Second Baseman Dan Uggla of the Fish!

Also 30 is outfielder Bobby Abreu of the Angels of Anaheim of Los Angeles.  Abreu was originally signed by the ‘Stros.  Happy Birthday to Bobby Abreu!

Three of course – they are Geoff Blum (White Sox in 2005), Pedro Feliz (Phillies in 2008), and Brett Myers (Phillies in 2008).  I wonder what’s in store for Opening Day festivities?


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