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The Houston Independent School District Superintendent has been here six months and he is making changes.   Reorganizing, cutting, trimming, reevaluating, adding, subtracting, dividing – hey, folks want change within HISD.  The latest is the controversial Community Education Partners (CEP), HISD’s alternative schools program.  That’s the program that handles students with various levels of discipline issues.  The program has drawn criticism from some community leaders.  The Superintendent is putting the contract out for bid.  Here’s the Chron story. 

The Superintendent’s leading – maybe only – critic in H-Town is the honcho of the local teachers’ union.  Here’s what she said about the Superintendent’s move on CEP:  “That jerk (the Superintendent) is willing to throw these kids away rather than save them so he can divert a few dollars into his asinine new programs that no one wants.”

The Chron says in the piece:  “Houston Federation of Teachers President Gayle Fallon, an ardent supporter of CEP whose union has exclusive bargaining rights at the Houston campuses, criticized Grier’s idea.”

The honcho doesn’t elaborate on the programs that “no one wants.”

So far it looks like to me that the only person that is publicly unhappy with the Superintendent is the teachers’ union honcho.  Everybody is A-OK, just observing, or keeping their pieholes shut.  Commentary is one of the ones that is A-OK.

Only six MLB players have career World Serious dingers  in double digits – name them and how many?

Commentary spoke to Edgar’s class last night at UH-Downtown on politics of course.  His students were pretty knowledgeable I might say.  They hadn’t read what the teachers’ union fella said about me last week so they still found me to be a credible speaker. 

In today’s online Statesman, the Former H-Town Mayor is saying no se puede to casino gambling in the Lone Star State:  “White says he doesn’t support slots, casinos.  Democratic gubernatorial nominee Bill White said Monday that he does not support the legalization of slot machines and does not think Texas should legalize casinos across the state. ‘I don’t think the State of Texas should be promoting gambling and something for nothing,’ White said during an interview with the American-Statesman.”

Interesting in that a lot of his key supporters are Dem members of the Texas Legislature and support the legalization of casinos in the Lone Star State for additional revenue.

On this day, March 9 in 1959, Barbie was born.  We’ve had Barbie in a bikini, as a soldier, as a Navy SEAL, as a flight attendant, race car driver, cowgirl, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader,  Air Force pilot, and even as Gomez’s Morticia.  Barbie is 51 today….. hmmm, Barbie the Cougar?

Mickey Mantle (18), Babe Ruth (15), Yogi Berra (12), Duke Snyder (11) and of course Reggie Jackson (10) and Lou Gehrig (10).

Here is from Alyson’s Footnotes on former ‘Stro Morgan Ensberg:

“Ensberg has been retired from the game for about a year and he’s hoping to begin a career in broadcasting. When he was with the Astros, I always felt he would be successful with whatever he decided to do in his post-playing career, whether it was politics or coaching or broadcasting. As much as I liked him as a player, I had 100 times more respect for him as a person. That’s why I was delighted to see he started a blog.  In his most recent entry, he talks about how it ripped his heart in half to be booed by the Houston fans: ‘As a result, I no longer concentrated on the game and instead concentrated on not getting booed.’  Check it out. Interesting stuff.”


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