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The Chron has a piece today about GOP Railroad Commissioner Victor Carrillo and GOP Harris County Tax Assessor Collector Leo Vasquez claiming that GOP ethnic bias cost them their elections.  They’re right.  Of course, GOP consultants and leaders say they ran bad campaigns – oh brother!   Check out the article.  GOP consultants say Carrillo ran a bad campaign.  However, his opponent that beat didn’t even run a campaign.

Is ethnic bias solely the property of the GOP?  What about in Harris County?  Commentary received an interesting call yesterday from a ranking GOP local elected official to talk about Latino Dem candidates getting the old chile here in Harris County in Tuesday’s election.  We both lamented over the fact that there is probably a little bias going on in both party primaries.  In contested countywide judicial races in the Democratic Primary, only one Latino candidate won outright.  A candidate with a Spanish-language surname won, but she is an Anglo (Mary Connealy Acosta).   A Latino and a Latina are in run-offs.  Seven Latino/Latina candidates bit the dust.

In Harris County, in the Dem race for Lite Guv, Linda Chavez -Thompson received 40.21%, Ronnie Earle 46.32%, and Mark Katz 13.47%.

In Harris County in the Dem Land Commissioner’s race, Hector Uribe received 41.16% and Bill Burton 58.84%.

Here’s what a local Dem elected Latina sent me: “Let’s be honest – Hispanics/Latinos did not fare well in either party. What does this say about our community? You know the answer – until we vote in large numbers – no respect, no concern, no consideration, no need.  No candidate in a contested race with a complete Spanish surname won, except for David Longoria, and he’s been an associate judge for years and he should have won – I’m glad he did – but unfortunately he is the only one we can point to who really had a victory. “

Eight-eight years ago today, this MLB player signed a three year deal to become the highest paid player – who and how much?

Here’s what Harris County Judge Ed Emmett told the Chron yesterday:  “I have the easiest campaign of all to run. If you do a good job as County Judge, you get re-elected."

Back to the low Latino voter turnout in Harris County, if Dems continue to ignore this, countywide Dem candidates are going to wake up with a severe hangover on the morning of November 3.   So far it looks like a strategy of changing minds rather than adding to the universe. 

Babe Ruth of course for a little over $50,000 a year.

The ‘Stros go to Lakeland today to take on former ‘Stros Adam Everett and Jose Valverde and the Tiger as The Yard is open for business this weekend with UT, Rice, UH, Missouri, Texas Tech, and TCU playing in the College Classic.


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