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Here are the voter turnout numbers for Dem State Representative Districts in Harris County:

HD 131 (Allen) – 7,104 (10.76%)

HD 133 (Thibaut) – 2,512 (3.89%)

HD 134 (Cohen) – 7,284 (7.65%)

HD 137 (Hochberg) – 1,325 (3.89%)

HD 139 (Turner) – 6,961 (10.06%)

HD 140 (Walle) – 1,913 (4.45%)

HD 141 (Thompson) – 6,187 (8.19%)

HD 142 (Dutton) – 7,232 (9.97%)

HD 143 (Hernandez) – 1,951 (4.63%)

HD 145 (Alvarado) – 2,357 (5.33%)

HD 146 (Edwards) – 10,747 (13.2%)

HD 147 (Coleman) – 8,670 (11.62%)

HD 148 (Farrar) – 4,987 (8.29%)

HD 149 (Vo) – 2,981 – (3.88%)


Obviously, the activity in CD 18 and HD 146 drove up some numbers.

Here’s a dumbarse quote from a soon to be former dumbarse elected official in today’s Austin American Statesman: “Given the choice between ‘Porter’ and ‘Carrillo’ — unfortunately, the Hispanic surname was a serious setback from which I could never recover although I did all in my power to overcome this built-in bias." This is from defeated GOP Railroad Commissioner Victor Carrillo. 

Hey fella, why did you sign up with a political party that bangs around paperless folks?  Wah, wah, wah!  What did you expect!  Wah, wah, wah!  They don’t want you at the dinner table!  Wah, wah, wah!   So just shut your piehole!

My name is Marc Campos and I don’t think my Spanish-language surname is a serious setback from which I have to recover.

Speaking of, Guv Dude is 60 today.  He got his BD present a couple of days early.  I guess even Dude gets a Happy Birthday shout out so Happy Birthday Dude!

Still speaking of Canada, who holds the Montreal Expo record for most dingers in a season – Rusty Staub, Valdimir Guerrero, Andre Dawson, Gary Carter, or Larry Walker?

Hutch said she’s going to quit so let her quit.  There are a couple of stories in papers today about GOP folks wanting Hutch not to quit.  She’s already been made to look stupid about the whole resign issue.  Why make her look stupider!

Someone told me about a sort of R-Rated website dedicated to Cameron County (Brownsville) politics.  Look up El Rocinante. Remember, I warned you it is R-Rated.

Vladimir Guerrero of course hit 44 dingers in 2000.  He was tied for 4th in the NL that season in the dinger category – tied with Richard Hidalgo of the ‘Stros.  Sammy Sosa had 50, Barry, Barry had 49, and Jeff Bagwell had 47.

The ‘Stros first spring training game is today versus the Nationals.


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