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First of all, let me say that I enjoyed helping out H-Town CM Jarvis Johnson in his run in the 18th.  We didn’t have any money for mail or serious advertising but we still got folks to pay attention to the issues.

Here’s what Ty Wiggintonner’s Brother sent me – observations from an R’s perspective:

  1. I always said KBH would never get out of a primary with Guv Dude because the R primary voters are his kind of people and not hers.
  2. A solid majority of Harris County R’s want a new direction and less of Woodfill.
  3. Rough night for R candidates with Hispanic surnames.  Victor Carrillo and Leo Vasquez were defeated by Anglo surnames and I suspect had Eva Guzman not been running against Rose Vela the result might have been different.  Latinos are the future for any political party in Texas and the R’s took another step backwards last night.

That being said, GOP Tax Assessor Collector Leo Vasquez didn’t survive as he got beat by GOP activist Don Sumners.  GOP County Clerk Beverly Kaufman’s choice (Kevin Mauzy) to replace her also got beat by Stan Stanart another GOP activist.

Of course, local Dems are probably scratching their heads this morning trying to figure out who the heck is Ann Harris Bennett, our nominee for County Clerk.  The Dem Party’s establishment lined up solidly behind former State Rep and former Dem Party Chair Sue Schechter who ended up with just 37%.   It is going to be difficult for Dems to tout Bennett when nobody would give her the time of day in the primary.  Sue was supposed to be one of the centerpieces of our local team effort – not anymore!

Which Hall of Fame pitcher hit more batters than any other in MLB history – Bob Gibson, Nolan Ryan, Don Drysdale, Bob Feller, or Walter Johnson?

At first glance in the local judicial races, it looks like the Coalition of the Elected Dems picked more winners than the GLBT Caucus.

It also looks like female candidates did a little better than male candidates in judicial races.

Walter Johnson of course plunked 203 batters in his career including a “personal best” 20 in 1923.

Now that it is Guv Dude and the Former H-Town Mayor in the finals, the Lone Star State is going to get a lengthy lesson on H-Town City Government from a GOP perspective.  You are going to learn about our municipal pensions, our traffic, our crime, our police hiring policies, our paperless folks, our sanctuary city status, our METRO, our finances, our treatment of strays, and our fire department among other stuff.  Everything you wanted to know about H-Town but were afraid to ask.  We’re fair game I suppose.

Well, it looks like I’m done for the season unless someone picks up my option.  That’s OK!  I need to catch up on flicks and start putting together my wardrobe for The Yard – heck the College Classic is this weekend!


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