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It probably won’t amount to much, but our local METRO is now embroiled in a document shredding scandal.  Come on!   You are a freaking bus company not the CIA!  Check out today’s Chron.   The sub headline says “restore public confidence.”  In the article, METRO is called an “embattled’ agency.”   It looks like the folks that have been running METRO have stunk up the place.  How did it get that way?  How come nobody was paying attention? 

Here is what the Board Chair says in the piece:  “It is very important to maintain public confidence in METRO.” Huh!

Here’s what the New Mayor said:  “METRO is a dysfunctional organization.”

I don’t think that is confidence if you ask me fella.

You have to hand it to my pal Bill King for being one of the first to call out METRO and its leadership a while back.   Now it looks like the New Mayor has her hands full as she goes about the task of selecting a new Chair and four board members.

Which MLB Hall of Famer said:  “A baseball player’s got to be kept hungry to become a big leaguer.  That’s why no boy from a rich family ever made the big leagues.”

A bonus – who holds the World Serious record for most pinch-hit At Bats?

Back to METRO, if the New Mayor is calling it a “dysfunctional organization”, you have to figure that since the Former Mayor put in the current METRO team, Guv Dude and the GOP is going to use it this summer and fall.  We’re going o find out.

H-Town’s Term Limits Commission meets tomorrow so Commentary has to get off of his arse on a Saturday morning and go see what they plan on doing.

In yesterday’s Harris County Dem Primary Early Voting, six locations had in-person turnout ranging from 298 to 394.  Five of them are in locations frequented by mostly African American voters.  The other was West Gray of course.  UH’s Dr. Murray points to the CD 18 and HD 146 races as factors in African American voter turnout.

Joe DiMaggio said it.

Johnny Blanchard of the Yankees hold the record with 10 pinch-hit At Bats.  In the 1961 World Serious, Blanchard batted .400 with 2 dingers and 3 RBIs as the Yankees beat the Reds in five.  He was also behind the plate in the 1960 World Serious when Bill Mazeroski of the Pirates hit that dinger in the bottom of the ninth of Game 7.  Johnny Blanchard if he was still around would be 77 today.  He left us last year.

My pal Drayton knows burgers!  If you read today’s Chron’s sports column, you will find that he likes to drop in at Lankford Grocery for a cheeseburger and listen to everybody tell him how to run the team. 


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