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From the They Didn’t Ask Commentary Dept.:  One of the Chron’s Columnists slapped around the (you guessed it – her quote) Coalition of Harris County Democratic Elected Officials today – again for the third time.  I told you this was going to happen.  Check it out. 

She wasn’t as brutal as she was a couple of days ago, but she still laid it on.  She probably wasn’t as brutal because she knows one of the candidates that she wrote about.  She goes after the coalition because the “handpicked” candidates don’t have any experience trying criminal cases but have been endorsed by the Dem elected officials to run for criminal district court benches.

Here are a few quotes from experienced defense attorneys:

“This is criminal court, and people have serious liberty issues at stake, and it’s not a place for amateurs.”

“We’ve got enough inept judges. We don’t need anymore, thank you very much.”

Ouch!   Don’t you think the local GOP is going to use this against our judges this fall?

Well at least the columnist didn’t use the “bosses” word today.

I’m sure those that didn’t get the nod by the Dem elected officials are giving the columnist more ammo.  Stay tuned!

Who’s dumb idea was this anyway? 

Well according to the Chron today, the good news is the New Mayor is not ready to move ahead with that 287(g) stuff.  The bad news is she won’t implement it now because the City of H-Town is low on funds.

Who played the most years in the old Yankee Stadium – Gehrig, Ruth, Mantle, Berra, or Nettles?

One of the most immature acts of a political campaign is stealing your opponent’s signs.  The SJL Campaign folks have been pulling up Jarvis Johnson’s signs.  Heck they even took them from Jarvis’ home.  How do we know this?  Hers are still up in the neighborhoods where Jarvis’ once were. 

Here’s what Jarvis was quoted saying on Insite: "They can steal my signs but not my spirit. SJL camp took every sign from MY hood including my house leaving SJL signs only. Damn that’s gangsta!!"

Yogi Berra of course played 19 years in old Yankee Stadium..

From a ‘Stros press release a couple of days ago:

“The Houston Astros are pleased to announce that the Astros Ballpark Entertainment department has received two Golden Matrix Awards for the 2009 season, including the highest honor in professional baseball, the Best Overall Video Display Award (Best Show in Baseball). The awards are handed out by IDEA (Information Display Entertainment Association) at their annual Golden Matrix Awards Ceremony.

“This year’s ceremony was held on Wednesday, February 17 in Tampa, Florida, and capped off a three-day conference where participating teams attended group breakout sessions, received field related training and voted for the Golden Matrix Awards.

“By winning the Best Overall Display Award in baseball for 2009, the Astros ballpark entertainment department has now won the award for a historic five consecutive seasons (2005-09). No other team in professional sports (MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL) has won such an award in three straight seasons, making the Astros run unprecedented. In addition to their Best Show in Baseball Award they also won the Best Interactive In-game Feature for their Guess the Flick! segments. “

Of course, the in between inning entertainment goes better with a St. Arnold.   Way to go Pam-In-Charge and VP Jen Germer!


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