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Houston has a flooding problem.  We really haven’t had a mayor that has taken this issue head on.  There is an interesting piece in the Chron today about a preliminary strategy that is being formulated on finding the funds to take on flooding.  Check it out. 

My pal, new CM Stephen “Who’s On First” Costello – who by the way when he talks doesn’t sound like he’s from H-Town – looks to be a leader in this effort says we are going to need about $10 bil – yikes!

The best part of the piece is how The New Mayor sums it up:  “I’m a big believer in democracy, and these are serious dollars that we’re talking about for flooding and drainage needs in the Greater Houston area.  But I have said clearly and consistently that we would never go to voters … without a clear plan with identifiable projects, without having all the other stakeholders engaged in this. Drainage is not something the city of Houston can do by itself.”

Now that’s what we need to hear.  Way to go Mayor!

It is all a matter of record that Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has the highest staff turnover rate in the history of Congress.  Now that she finally has a campaign, I wonder what her campaign staff turnover rate looks like.

I ran across this yesterday.  Who was the number one draft pick of MLB’s Annual Amateur Draft held on June 3, 1993?

A bonus – who did the ‘Stros pick in Round One of that year?

Early Voting in Harris County is looking the same.  The locations frequented by African American are doing better than other Dem areas except for West Gray.  The Latino voter looks like it doesn’t give a rat’s arse.

According to a new poll, Guv Dude has a 21 point lead over Hutch and among those that have voted early, he leads her by 25 points.  Even if Dude can’t win it outright, there won’t be a run-off. 

Alex Rodriguez now known as A-Roid of course was selected by Seattle with pick Numero Uno.

From Ferrum College located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Billy Wagner of course was picked by the ‘Stros.

Other notable first round picks were Derrek Lee who was picked by San Diego, Jason Varitek who was picked by Minnesota, and Torii Hunter who taken with Minnesota’s other first round pick.  Former ‘Stro Jay Powell was also taken in the first round by B’More.

The Chron also has a column on the ‘Stros new Skipper and says he is doing all of the right things.  Of course, it really doesn’t matter unless we’re having a good season when the All Star break rolls around.


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