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Whoever thought up the idea of the Coalition of Harris County Elected Democratic Officials didn’t do the elected Democratic officials, the local Dem Party, and the Dem judicial candidates any favors.  One of the Chron’s columnists has decided to put a bull’s eye on this new group as she has now penned her second critical piece.  Check it out. 

Here’s the part of the piece that I find troubling:  “the Coalition of Harris County Elected Democratic Officials, the group of local Democratic bosses.”  Ouch!   When a columnist starts throwing words likes “bosses” around in stories about politics, it is definitely not a good thing.  When the general election rolls around, we can probably count on the local GOP to put out TV/radio ads and mailers saying that according to the Houston Chronicle, our judicial candidates were handpicked by “Democratic bosses.”  Was there really a need for this?  

Columnists are always looking for something to kick around and it looks like she found something.  I get a feeling she’s not going to let this go.  Way to go whoever thought this up!  They didn’t ask me about this because they didn’t want to ask me.

Who won the AL’s MVP Award in 1963?

A bonus – who was the first African-American to play for the NY Yankees?

I was checking out the ice dancers last night and the Italian pair was dancing to the tune of “The Godfather” music.

Hutch has a new TV ad touting her newspaper E-Board endorsements and quotes from newspaper articles that attack Guv Dude.  Of course, Dude’s base despise newspapers, err liberal media, so the ads are getting Dude’s voters worked up, so I figure Hutch is making a pitch to get independents to join the GOP Primary.

In looking over the Harris County Dem Primary Early Vote totals to date, the locations that African Americans frequent are giving West Gray a run for their money.  No se puede con el voto Latino.

Elston Howard of course who took the field for the Yankees on April 14, 1955 and in 1963 batted .287, was third in slugging percentage (.528), and fifth (28) in dingers.  An interesting note, he batted .462 with a dinger and 4 RBIs in the 1960 World Serious against the Pirates.  His hand got dinged by a pitch in Game 6 and he didn’t play in Game 7 – who knows.  Elston Howard, if still around, would be 81 today.  He left us way too soon in 1980.

In a Tag article today on new ‘Stro Brett Myers, here’s what Myers has to say:  "I’ll do anything it takes to win. I think losing [stinks]. I’ve always felt that way. The one thing I’ve tried to do is to tell the four- and five-year olds that ‘It’s not OK to lose, guys.’ You don’t have fun when you lose."   I think I’m going to like this fella.


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