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Folks like CM James Rodriguez, immigrant activists, and Commentary said that if you let the City of H-Town start dabbling in immigration enforcement, paperless folks would probably not cooperate with HPD on reporting crimes.  Sure enough, the Chron had a piece on this issue yesterday.  Check it out.   Here’s a part of the piece:  “Cesar Espinosa, a Houston immigrant advocate, said HPD’s relationship with local immigrant communities has suffered since then-Mayor Bill White proposed participating in ICE’s controversial 287(g) immigrant screening program in the local jails last spring. That idea eventually was abandoned in favor of another ICE partnership, dubbed Secure Communities, which conducts automated immigration history checks on all suspects booked into the city’s jails. “

Tsk, tsk, tsk.  When are folks going to learn?

By request, which ‘Stros former skipper has the highest career winning percentage?

Another one – what Hall of Fame pitcher holds the record for striking out ten consecutive batters?

Have you ever wondered what the curling folks do to stay in shape?

You have to hand it to Tiger.  At least he didn’t come up with some lame excuse.  He owned it.  

Commentary attended the State of the Schools address that was given by the HISD Superintendent on Friday.  He wants to take HISD to the top.  Hey, that’s why he gets the big bucks.  Go for it!

Salty Parker had a 1.000 winning percentage when he went 1-0 in 1972.  Well actually, Dierk of course went .556.

Tom Terrific, err Tom Seaver as a Met of course back in 1970 against the Padres.

Commentary watched the Ice Dancing Competition last night.  Some folks don’t think it should be an Olympic Sport.  I don’t know about that.  Well, what about curling?  What about in the Summer Games the shooting at targets.  What about archery?  Hey, the handful of times I’ve ever been ice skating, I’m either landing on my arse or hanging on to the rail, so it’s a sport in my book.

Did you know that when the first pitch is thrown at The Yard on April 5 against the Giants, it will be Pam-In-Charge’s tenth season as President of Business Operations?  Now you know!


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