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I have to hand it to H-Town’s New Mayor.  She’s not pulling any punches when it comes to METRO.   Here’s a bit from today’s Chron:  “(METRO Board Chair David) Wolff, she said, has presided over an agency ‘that in my opinion, has been stuck in neutral for six years.’”  Ouch! 

Way to go Mayor!

Yesterday, she slapped around the former police chief that had been around the last six years and now the METRO Chair that has been around for the last six years.  Who appointed these fellas anyway?

Tiger is not an elected official or an appointed official or in some position that will impact my life.  He don’t have to apollyize to me.  I will watch him make his statement though.  I’m kind of amused with some press folks and talking heads getting upset over the structure of Tiger’s presentation.  He’s not taking questions and he’s only inviting a few folks.  I guess the upset folks want to know how many times he strayed, with how many others, and with what club did his wife whack him with – an iron, wedge, putter, or a Big Bertha?  I just want to know when he’s going to tee it up.

When I mentioned that Roy O., The Big Puma, and Wandy are the only ones left from the ‘Stros 2005 World Serious Team, who is wearing the Brick Red that also played in that World Serious?

Numero Uno ‘Stros Fan, Sister Damian Kuhn is no longer with.  She’s now in the Big Yard in the Sky.   Check out today’s Chron.   I used to see her a lot at The Yard.

Early Voting, Day 3 was pretty much like 1 and 2, respectable African American turnout, disrespectable Latino turnout.

Geoff Blum of course who hit a dinger as a White Sox in Game 3 in his only At-Bat.

Wandy lost his arbitration hearing against the ‘Stros and will only make $5 mil this season.


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