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I have to hand it to H-Town’s New Mayor.  She’s not pulling any punches when it comes to last year’s firehouse graffiti incident. Check out the Chron story.  She definitely calls out the former police chief on how he handled the investigation.   Commentary always thought that the folks over at City Hall dropped the ball on this matter.  Way to go Mayor!

Speaking of, the Austin American Statesman has a political fact check for this year’s campaigns.  They put a “false” on a jobs claim that is being made by the Former H-Town Mayor’s campaign.

Also from the Chron:  “Shami campaign aides call it quits!  Houston businessman Farouk Shami has lost his professional campaign staff in a dispute over who is running the show.”

Some of his staff quit him.

Here’s what fellow consultant NP had to say about the quitters.

“F***ing QUITTERS!!! Professional consultants stick it out even when the ship is sinking; especially a week before election day.

“Tell me what’s wrong:

1. They took his money.

2. They knew he didn’t have a chance in hell.

3. Ship is sinking and they are now bailing out.

4. Did I mention they took his money fully knowing he wasn’t going to win…

“Don’t ever get stuck in a fox-hole with these guys. They’ll shoot you before the enemy does.”

Tell me how you really feel NP?

Socks Seybold of the old Philadelphia A’s hit 16 dingers in 1902 to set the then MLB record.  How long did the record last and who broke it?

Early Voting, Day 2, looks pretty much like Early Voting, Day 1.  Latinos are staying home.

Babe Ruth of course in 1919 hit 29 dingers as a Red Sox.

Tag’s Lines predicts Jason Castro will be our starting catcher and Kaz Matsui will bat in the Number 2 spot – interesting.


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