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In looking over the first day of Harris County Early Voting results, of the eight locations that had turnouts in triple digits, five are the ones that are frequented by mostly African American voters.  Two of course are the West Gray location and Downtown.  If this continues, you have to figure that the races in CD 18 and HD 146 have created interest in the African American community.  As usual, the Latino turnout is embarrassingly low. What else is new?  Latino/Latina judicial candidates in contested races probably ought to be concerned.

The Chron started rolling out their judicial picks today.  According to my sources at the Chron, the candidate interviews lasted more than a minute and the fixes were out, not in. 

Chris Burke, Jason Lane, and Morgan Ensberg all had key roles with the ‘Stros during our 2005 World Serious run.  Where are these fellas now?  Of the 2005 World Serious ‘Stros, how many are still on the team?

One of Commentary’s God Daughters, Lisette Luna Schnieders is 30 today.   She is also expecting her first kid next month.  Happy Birthday Lisette!

Burke is with the Reds but not on their 40 man roster.  Lane is with the Marlins but not on their 40 man roster.  Ensberg is out of the game.  Roy O., Wandy, and The Big Puma of course.

Speaking of, Wandy and the team have an arbitration hearing today on Wandy’s salary – yuk!


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