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Here’s from this weekend’s Chron:  “Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Austin, whose congressional district includes Sealy, said the Army decision was ‘the wrong decision’ for the workforce, troops in the field and U.S. taxpayers. There ‘appears to be a trend in this administration to move jobs out of Texas, whether it be cutting NASA’s human space flight program or BAE’s (truck) production,’ he said.”

Here’s from today’s Chron: “As a conservative Republican (Pete Olson) who has opposed almost every Obama administration initiative, the 47-year-old Rice University graduate has zero clout at the White House.”

Here’s what Nick Lampson had to say in the piece: “Without that redistricting, I would have been chairman of the space subcommittee representing JSC and in direct contact with the president and House leadership. That would have made a difference.”

These guys vote against The President on most stuff and are now crying.   It looks like they put their party above their districts.

In case you didn’t notice, the Chron endorsed Hutch yesterday even though she is circling the drain.

The good news is the Former H-Town Mayor looks good in a match-up against Guv Dude.  The bad news is a whole lot folks still don’t know him and Dude hasn’t had time to unleash negative ads against the Former Mayor.

On this President’s Day, who was the first President to throw out the ceremonial first pitch in MLB history?

The Greater Harris County Democrats PAC came out with their endorsements this weekend.  I wonder when they had their screenings.   I wonder what their questionnaire looked like.  I wonder when they meet.  Who are their officers?

Former Governor Palin and Danica Patrick made it to NASCAR this weekend.  Both handled it OK if you ask me.

I always thought that the 1985 “We Are The World” was one of the coolest recordings so I was kind of wondering how the 2010 Haiti version would look.  A-OK if you ask me.  The 2010 version made its debut Friday night.  Here are some of the 1985 performers with their 2010 subs from the best I can tell.  Commentary has to confess that some of the 2010 folks are folks I don’t know.  Lionel Ritchie (Justin Bieber), Stevie Wonder (Jennifer Hudson), Kenny Rogers (Josh Grobain), James Ingram (Tony Bennett), Michael Jackson (Janet Jackson), Diana Ross (Barbara Streisand), Dionne Warwick (Miley Cyrus), Willie Nelson (Enrique Iglesias), Bruce Springsteen (Wyclef Jean), Steve Perry (Pink), Huey Lewis (Usher), Cyndi Lauper (Celine Dion), Kim Carnes (Fergie), Bob Dylan (Lil Wayne), and Ray Charles (Jamie Foxx – who else).  The tune is modernized by bringing in the hip hop sound with artists like LL Cool J, Snoop Dog, and Will.i.am.  Kanye closes it out.  Santana provides some lead guitar and Al Jardine from the Beach Boys is in the chorus.  Check it out.

Close your eyes and click your heels, and repeat after me – “not everything in cyperspace is true, not everything in cyperspace is true, not everything in cyberspace is true.”

There was a press release sent out Friday that said a historic  church building a few blocks away from my crib had been saved.  Not so said the Chron:  “Bakenhus labeled as untrue a Friday press statement from City Council members Edward Gonzalez, whose district includes the church, and Sue Lovell, head of the city’s historic preservation committee, that claimed the sanctuary would be preserved as a Lutheran museum.  Lovell spokesman Tim Brookover said the councilwoman’s office received a report from a preservationist attending the meeting that there had ‘been a lot of talk about a Lutheran museum’ and presumed the church group approved the plan.”

President William Howard Taft of course in 1910 at a Senators game.

Pitchers, catchers, and coaches report to ‘Stros Spring Training this Saturday – cool!


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