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Debra Medina officially became a kook candidate yesterday.   Either she is a dumbarse or didn’t want to say bad things about her base.  She don’t need to ‘splain nothing to me.  Hutch’s team got a boost.  Now at least Hutch won’t get totally embarrassed on E-Day, just somewhat embarrassed.

Here’s the lead paragraph from today’s Chron story on yesterday’s HISD Board meeting: “At a contentious meeting pitting parents against teachers, the Houston school board gave final approval on Thursday to a policy allowing the firing of instructors whose students fall short on standardized tests.”

Hmmm – parents against teachers! 

Here’s what HISD Trustee Anna Eastman said last night:  “I agree our system has room to grow.  Our data has room to grow, but our kids deserve to have an effective teacher in every single classroom.”

Back to the 1979 World Serious, who had the highest Serious batting average among starters from both teams?

The place to be last night was the CM James Rodriguez fundraiser at Three Forks in Downtown Houston.  A lot of folks showed up including The Dean who was given a very warm welcome because of his statement yesterday on the tuition increases at UH.  One of Guv Dude’s former supporters who now backs Hutch was there and said he would be supporting Dude after the Primary.

Folks were already talking last night about a Dude/Former Mayor match-up.  Everybody agreed it won’t be a Orlando Sanchez vs Bill White affair.

Someone that I respect last night said that he didn’t know what the fuss was about the H-BAD voter slate program.  He said that stuff has been happening for years.  I replied he was right but reminded him that this is the first time it went out on the internet

Second Baseman Phil Garner of course with the Pirates batted .500, going 12 for 24 with four doubles and five RBIs.

The ‘Stros offered a deal to former ‘Stro Willie Taveras yesterday – interesting.


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