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Commentary is against term limits for H-Town City elected officials.  We got term limits back in 1991 when Clymer Wright and his group went out and got 20,000 plus signatures on petitions to put a referendum on the ballot and the voters approved in an election.  I strongly believe that if folks want to amend or do away with term limits, they ought to go out and organize a campaign and get 20,000 plus signatures to put it on the ballot.  

I mention this because last night I attended the City of H-Town’s Term Limits Commission’s second public meeting.  (I missed the first because I didn’t know about it.)

The Commission’s membership includes a number of key political players including Toni Lawrence, Diana Davila Martinez, Thomas Jones, Bob Stein, Frumencio Reyes, Carroll Robinson, Cristina Cabral, Claudia Williamson, and Kathryn McNeil.  It is chaired by Ambassador Arthur Schechter.

Not a whole lot of folks attended last night’s meeting.  Maybe it was a lack of interest on the part of the public.  Maybe the City didn’t do a good job of letting folks know.  Maybe it was both.

Among those that presented were former City Attorney Jonathan Day, Chris Bell, Clymer Wright and Bob Lemur.  All but Lemur had interesting things to say.   Here is a little of what was said last night.

Of course, Wright likes things the way they are.

Lemur spent his time cracking on the former and current H-Town Mayors on city finances.

Day wants going to two four year terms then sitting out two years before you can run again.  He wants to make the City Controller position an appointed one – by the Mayor and confirmed by council.  He doesn’t want sitting council members to run for Mayor.  He wants resign to run.  He also wants to curtail fundraising.

Bell also wants two four year terms and read from a column he wrote after the 2007 election where he blames term limits for the voters lack of participation in city elections.

Commentary cautioned the Commission to beware of the public mood.  Putting a proposal forward and bypassing the signature collecting route to extend terms may be perceived by the voter as trying to extend the political lives of politicians in a time when the voter wants other priorities addressed like jobs and the economy.

Personally, I don’t see a whole lot of difference between two four year terms and the current three two year terms.

I have a problem with curtailing fundraising because all that does is give rich folks an advantage should they decide to run.

It is interesting in that the Commission was created as the former Mayor was leaving office.  The Commission will have to recommend a plan of action to the current Mayor and Council sometime this summer.  The Mayor and Council will then have to decide if they want to put it on the ballot this November.  If they do, the Mayor will have to use her political capital to get it passed.  If they put it on the ballot and she steps away from it and it goes down, she’ll get blamed.   Stay tuned!

You ought to be able to answer this one in your sleep.  Who hit all three dingers for the winners of the 1979 World Serious?

Here’s a question that was asked of Tag on the ‘Stros website””

“There are a few stories about the Rangers and Astros swapping locations of their Triple-A affiliates come next season — Astros to Oklahoma City and Rangers to Round Rock. My question is, would the Astros consider moving their Double-A or Triple-A team to San Antonio? Neither of the two clubs have had a presence in San Antonio in the past, so why not now for the Astros?”
— Joshua D., Houston

Tag:  “The Astros’ player development contract with Triple-A Round Rock expires at the end of this year, general manager Ed Wade said. Houston management has expressed a desire to the Nolan Ryan family to keep the affiliate in Round Rock, but with Ryan having an ownership stake in the Texas Rangers, don’t be surprised to see the Express become a Rangers affiliate eventually. Houston’s contract with Double-A Corpus Christi, which is also owned by Ryan Sanders, expires following the 2012 season. The Double-A San Antonio Missions are currently affiliated with the San Diego Padres. If the Astros do lose Round Rock to the Rangers, Oklahoma City might be their best option. “

Willie Stargell of course for the ‘We Are Family” Pirates against the Orioles.

Tag also has a mention of Jason Castro battling to be the starting catcher on Opening Day.


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