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A statewide poll was released yesterday that has Guv Dude with 39%, Hutch with 28% and Medina at 24%.   Meanwhile, Dude keeps hitting Hutch hard with ads including the latest one that throws in a mention and image of Barney Frank.  If I was Dude, I’d start to take it easy on Hutch.  She’s done.  Dude risks pummeling Hutch down to third place and then Medina makes the runoff and gets all this media attention and Medina then spends a month of runoff time cracking on Dude’s record.  If Hutch comes in a dismal second, I’m betting she’ll do a “No Mas” act and throw in the towel and spare the GOP a runoff.

My Best Friend jokingly told me yesterday that when Farouk Shami said at the debate that “without Mexicans is like a day without sunshine” that was the best thing any candidate had ever said about Latinos on the campaign trail in the Lone Star State.

Here’s the lead-in from an AP story about the 18th Congressional District race that is running today in some newspapers: “HOUSTON (AP) — Sheila Jackson Lee’s appearance at Michael Jackson’s funeral in Los Angeles last summer helped convince a three-term Houston city councilman to give the ubiquitous congresswoman her first credible re-election challenge since she won her seat 16 years ago.

“’To say the least, the question ‘Why?’ came to mind,’ says Jarvis Johnson, who hopes to end Jackson Lee’s tenure in Texas’ 18th Congressional District by winning the March 2 Democratic primary. ‘Why are you there?’”

That’s a fair question.  Check out the piece. 

Which MLB batter holds the dubious distinction for most strikeouts in a season?

Commentary always thought that taking on health care reform was going to be a tough one for The President.  Not to be out done, The First Lady is taking on childhood obesity.  That is going to take lot of effort on her part to get it done and change the way a whole lot of folks deal with grub – conveniently.  Last year, on our way to The Yard, I asked Dante if he knew what “obesity” was and he replied that he did not know.  After I explained it to him and told him that obesity was the number one problem facing kids, he said he wasn’t going to have that problem because his mom makes sure they get plenty of fresh veggies and fruits.  Not all moms are like Dante’s mom.  Good First Lady.

Ryan Howard of course with the Phillies in 2007 struck out 199 times.

The Big Puma is 34 today.  Happy Birthday Lance  Berkman!

Meanwhile, the ‘Stros are thinking about signing Willie Taveras who we traded away after the 2006 season. 


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