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Without Commentary, it would be like a day without sunshine.

I have to hand it to the Former H-Town Mayor for not throwing up his hands last night and blurting out “you gotta be kidding” during his televised debate with Farouk Shami.   Saying Shami is out of his league is being too kind.  I wondered what the paid help was doing for Shami these days since winning the race is out of the question.  Heck, they are trying to make sure the campaign stays on the road at least until March 2.  Can you imagine what their debate prep is like?

Ok, I’ll give Shami points for coming out against the border wall and for a moratorium on the death penalty.  He’s probably right on coming out for an increase in the gas tax.  The Former Mayor, Hutch, and Guv Dude oppose right now but don’t be surprised if it gets handed to us next year.   Shami’s paid help also need to hand him a half page memo on the duties of a governor.

As for the Former H-Town Mayor last night, his shot at Dude on playing politics with forensic panel just invites Dude to slap the Former Mayor on the problems H-Town PD has had with forensic issues.

Speaking of, there is a story today about the price of an ambulance ride going up in H-Town.  Check it out.  The City has some financial challenges to deal with during the next budget cycle.   The article hints at raising fees and rates, make cuts, or employee furloughs.  Don’t be surprised if Guv Dude tries to wrap the City’s financial issues around the Former Mayor’s neck.  Stay tuned!

Who set the World Serious record by striking out 17 batters in a game?

CEWDEM made today’s Chron.  Check it out.   The column sure makes local Dems look bad.  Way to go!  It looks like H-BAD’s E-Day program got a little spanking from one of the Chron’s columnists.  The newest special interest group, the Coalition of Harris County Democratic Elected Officials (CHCDEO) also took a hit.  One judicial candidate described the group as “this is a smoke-filled, backroom, old-boy type thing.”  Another said that the “fix was in” in describing how the CHCDEO went about endorsing judicial candidates.  Another said the interview process lasted only a minute – huh!  The local Dem Party Chair says he has nothing to do with the CHCDEO but The Dean – a member of the CHCDEO – says they borrowed judicial candidate questionnaires from the local Dem Party.

The column is bad PR for the local Dem Party.  Nobody ever asks Commentary about this stuff, but I could have told the CHCDEO folks that this type of column was coming.  Those that don’t get support put out stuff along the lines that elected officials are getting together and picking a judicial slate – that makes for good pub, or in this case bad pub for the local Dem Party. 

Bob Gibson of course of San Luis in Game 1 against the Tigers in 1968.

On the ‘Stros  website, here’s what B-G-O says about new third baseman Pedro Feliz:  “I really like the signing of Feliz.  Pedro’s a good guy with a quiet demeanor, and if you hit the ball his way, you’re out. He’s good with the bat and I think it’s a really good signing.”


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