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Unless you live in Indiana, are related to a Colts player, or had a bet on Indianapolis, you were probably rooting for the Saints last night like Commentary.  You were not disappointed.  Of course, after the Jay Z – Rhianna opening CBS’s intro was one big glitch as the audio was missing when the players were shown.

Commentary goes to bathroom breaks or grub trips during the game so I don’t miss the commercials.  

The Tim Tebow and his momma ad didn’t live up to the hype.   Of course, they probably got their point across in the pre game debate.

I like the Betty White – Abe Vigoda Snickers ad.

I can’t get into the GoDaddy Danica ads.

I loved the VW ad where folks were poking each other that ended up with Stevie Wonder – cute.

LOL!  You got to hand it to Letterman, Oprah, and Leno.

The Audi Green Police ad was good.

The Coke sleepwalker with the Dingo dog was good.

The Brett Favre Hyundai ad was good.

The Doritos keep your hand off my momma ad was cute.

The Who are old.  Worse, Brad and Anna Eastman’s daughter said last night that Commentary looked like Pete Townsend – ouch!

I checked out Sarah Palin’s speech to the Tea Baggers the other night and I think she hit a home run with that bunch.  The next morning she said she wouldn’t rule out running for president in 2012.  She’s throwing down the gauntlet and letting the GOP establishment leaders know that they have to contend with her.  She is definitely going to set her own agenda and course for now.   That “hopey changey” line was pretty original.

Heck she got 6,500 folks to get out of their house on Super Sunday to go see her and Guv Dude. That has to be the biggest crowd ever for a campaign rally in either political party primary.

Who said “I’m probably the only guy who worked for Casey Stengel before and after he was a genius.”

The H-Town Mayor is weighing her METRO options.   Check it out in today’s Chron.  She may consider eliminating bus fares to boost ridership.  Hey, that’s what my pal Bill King has been saying.

Here is what is in the Austin American Statesman editorial endorsement of the former H-Town Mayor: “Can the next state budget, with a projected shortfall of up to $17 billion, be balanced without dipping further into some taxpayers’ pockets?  ‘I don’t know,’ said (Bill) White, offering an honest answer most politicians are afraid of uttering.”

Well, that will dog him for sure in the coming months.

Casey Stengel was considered a genius when he managed the Yankees from 1949 – 1960, when they won ten pennants and seven World Seriouses.  Hall of Fame pitcher Warren Spahn played for Stengel with the 1942 Boston Braves and the 1965 New York Mets.

The ‘Stros begin to report to Spring Training next week.


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