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Farouk Shamii says the ad that is being run by the former H-Town Mayor is racist.  What has Shami upset is the line by the former Mayor that says he was born in San Antonio.  I don’t know about that. I wonder if the 16% of the Lone Star State’s population that is foreign born think the ads are racist.  I wonder if the 22% of the Lone Star State’s population that were born in another state feel the ad is offensive.

I don’t make this stuff up.  Let me set it up.  This past Saturday on the campus of Texas Southern University, they were holding the Sprite Step Off which is some sort of dance competition involving sororities and fraternities.  The crowd in attendance was predominantly African American.  The following is on the Houston Press website.

Headline:  Aftermath: Hour After Hour at the Sprite Step Off With Lupe Fiasco, Brooke Valentine, Letoya Luckett, Trae and Sheila Jackson Lee (By Shea Serrano).

“8:24: Yipes. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee just walked out onto the stage between performances, and is absolutely being hammered with boos. She tries to appeal to the crowd through homerism ("Go Tigers!") but it’s for naught. The boos reign down from the heavens. She tries to unite through exploitative pity (something about people in Haiti). That doesn’t work either. When she walks offstage she is somehow not crying.”  Check it out.

The following are all Hall of Famers:  Mel Ott, Willie Mays, Al Kaline, Mickey Mantle, and Bob Feller.  Who was the youngest to make his MLB debut?

Speaking of, Hank Aaron is 76 today.

Former Governor Palin comes to the H-Town area on Super Bowl Sunday to campaign for Guv Dude.  I’m thinking that the duo will stick the fork in Hutch to see if she’s done and then start to take shots at the former H-Town Mayor.  It could very well be a preview of what we can expect the next few months if you ask me.  Of course, nobody ever asks me.

Mel Ott of course was 17 years and one month when he made his debut with the New York Giants where he played for 22 years and ended up with 511 dingers.  He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1951.

From Tag’s Line, ‘Stros likely starting shortstop Tommy Manzella is from Who Dat Nation.  Manzella was born and raised in NOLA and even has season tickets to Saints games as Opening Day is two months from today.


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