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Stewart Powell of the Chron has a piece on Hutch today that sounds more like an obituary. Check it out.  

Here’s what she says in the piece:  “People are so angry and scared for our country’s future that they’re just saying Washington is bad and everybody there is bad.  People are not saying, ‘She’s gone to Washington to fight for us.’”

Here’s what Cal Jillson from SMU had to say in the piece:  “If you’re explaining your record, you’re losing — and she’s explaining.”

She’s kind of a victim of her own political party.  The GOP has made it their mission to create angst amongst the folks back home by saying that the federal government is way out of control and is the cause of all of our economic problems.  The folks back home have gotten all riled up at Washington.  Guv Dude has taken full advantage and it looks like Hutch’s days are numbered.

Who holds the MLB record for most dingers by a rookie?

There was a local political false alarm of sorts yesterday.  There was a news report that H-Town had made the 2012 GOP National Convention Final Four.  It turns out H-Town wasn’t on the list – whew!

With early voting in person in the primaries 12 days away, has anyone seen any of the Dem statewide candidates here in the H-Town area lately?  Of course, I don’t expect to see the former H-Town Mayor, but what about the others. If looks like another dismal Dem Primary turnout if you ask me, but nobody ever asks me.

Yikes!  Mark McGwire of course in 1987 with 49 dingers.

From Alyson’s Footnotes:

“Friday is National Wear (Brick) Red Day, and the Astros are staging a photo shoot at Minute Maid Park to show their support.

“The American Heart Association and the Astros are seeking at least 1,500 Houstonians (representing the number of women who die daily in America from heart disease) to pose for a photo, showing solidarity in fighting this very preventable ailment.

“The instructions are simple: show up to the right field gate at Minute Maid Park on Friday (Feb. 5) at 9:30 a.m. and you’ll be escorted into the ballpark. One requirement: you must wear (brick) red. The photo will be taken from the outfield seats.

“See you there!”


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