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In today’s Chron, R.G. Ratcliffe writes that “a new poll indicates U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is in danger of having the bottom fall out of her campaign.”  R.G. is referring to the Rasmussen poll that came out yesterday that has Guv Dude at 44%, Hutch at 29% and Debra Medina at 16%.

You have to hand it to Dude.  He’s running a killer ad against Hutch on her vote on the bailout and it is obviously working.   If Medina holds on to her 16% and force a run-off with Dude scoring in the upper 40s, and Hutch in the 30s, Hutch will throw in the towel.   It would be pointless for her to stay in a run-off.

Has Hutch run a lousy campaign – nope!   She’s just not rabid like Dude.   Should Hutch have taken the rabid approach earlier in this campaign?  Nah – she doesn’t have the look.

Folks from H-Town’s East End went before City Council yesterday to voice their support for a Downtown soccer stadium and oppose any type of jail facility.  The Mayor and Council got the message.  If the stadium deal falls through, I’m betting a jail won’t land there.

About yesterday’s mention of the 1971 World Serious – who was the Serious MVP?

The “N” word is bad.  Latinos find the “W” word offensive.  Somebody forgot to tell The President’s Chief of Staff that using the “R” word isn’t cool. 

Roberto Clemente of course when he batted .414 and had a couple of dingers.

Clemente wore #21.  The ‘Stros Michael Bourn wears #21 as Opening Day is a little over two months away.


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