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According to news reports, today it looks like the beginning to the end of don’t’ ask don’t tell (DADT).  Stay tuned!

It could be an interesting day at the Houston City Council meeting today as East End folks will line up to speak against any hint of a city-county jail on the site of a proposed soccer stadium.  Also stay tuned!

UH’s Dr. Murrray on his blog is predicting that the former H-Town Mayor will win the Dem Primary without a run-off with about 60% of the vote.  Meanwhile, the former H-Town Mayor rolled out his TV ads yesterday which look like the commercials he put on the air when he ran for mayor in 2003.   They worked then.  Maybe they will work this year.

Whew – I’m glad Commentary doesn’t have to help make this decision.  A number of judicial candidates are consulting with their consultants today to decide if they want to cough up the dough to participate in the H-BAD Election Program.   Here is from a notice HBAD sent out yesterday:

“As we discussed during your interview before the H-BAD Screening Committee, following are the details of the Program, including your participation in the program. 

“The theme of the H-BAD Early Vote and Election Day effort is ‘Bring the BOTTOM to the TOP’, indicating our determination to highlight, in an unprecedented way, down ballot races, while maintaining attention on the marquee races of Congressional District 18, Governor, County Clerk, Tax Assessor Collector and the Legislative race in District 146.

“The Program targets, 121 precincts and will employ approximately 200 card pushers for the Early Vote and Election Day efforts.

“Community walks, the total number and locations to be determined by the final count of candidate participants.

“Focused Press and Media events and coverage targeted to embellish and highlight the theme ‘Bring the BOTTOM to the TOP’ with sustained coverage of top of the ballot races and enhanced coverage of down ballot races.

“Costs for participation, by category of race, are as follows: Statewide Races – $3,500, County-wide Races – $2,500, State Representative Race -$500, and Justice of the Peace – $500.”

HBAD endorsed close to 40 candidates last week.  Around 35 are running countywide.  Here’s what I want to know.  If an endorsed candidate can’t come up with the $2,500, do they get left off of any literature or slate cards that are handed out?

If all the endorsed candidates participate, that’s about $87,000. Commentary expects the consultants to ask to see HBAD’s detailed budget for this program.  What precincts are being covered?  How many card pushers on E-Day and how many at the Early Vote locations.  How much are they getting paid?  How much is going for food and drinks?  How many coordinators are being used and how much are they being paid. What’s the print budget?  What’s the event budget?  Also, also stay tuned!

In what year did we see our first World Serious game at night and who were the two teams that played?

The Oscar nominees were announced today with ten Best Picture hopefuls. I don’t know why they did that.

Game Four of course of the 1971 World Serious at Three Rivers Stadium as the Pirates hosted the Orioles.

Well Pam-In-Charge is still in charge – whew!


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