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Uh Oh!  Now we know for sure what will be asked at next Monday’s debate between the former H-Town Mayor and Farouk Shami.  What do you think about J. Larry Davis, the Anderson County Dem Party Chair saying folks aren’t going to vote for anyone named Farouk in today’s political climate?  Check out what Davis said in this weekend’s Star Telegram. 

Here is from the article:  “An East Texas Democratic Party county chairman told gubernatorial candidate Farouk Shami in an e-mail that he is wasting his time running for governor because ‘nobody is going to vote for anyone named Farouk’ in today’s post-9-11 political climate.”

Here’s what Shami’s campaign manager had to say: "We find it hurtful that our party — the party of inclusion — would find its own leadership making statements like this. It makes me wonder how much of the party establishment shares these racist views."

Here’s what Davis, who says he’s a liberal Dem, said:  "I don’t think anybody should stereotype an individual. Everybody has a right to run.  That was just the benefit of my expertise as a political observer out here in East Texas.  It’s pretty redneck out here.  That’s just one of the realities you face."

This is the first time I’ve seen this issue written up in the media.  This isn’t the first time I’ve heard it discussed though. 

Who has the most career At-Bats in MLB and who is runner up?

Commentary watched the GOP gubernatorial debate Friday night and the best part was the Lone Star State Trivial Pursuit portion where the candidates were asked questions like who was the first Texas governor and how much do teachers make.

Speaking of, Nolan Ryan has gone from fixing cracked foundations to fixing Hutch’s campaign.  He’s featured in an ad hanging up a Hutch sign on his fence.

Pete Rose of course with 14,053 ABs followed by Hank Aaron with 12,364.

Yesterday was the deadline for submitting an offer to buy the ‘Stros.  No news is good news in this case. 


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