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On Super Bowl Sunday, folks from the U.S. of A. come together and watch the big game and the new cool TV commercials.  This time it is going to be special because “Who Dat Nation” is involved.   It is supposed to be a day when we all come together like who can forget Bono opening his jacket at halftime.  Now the anti-choice folks have plunked down $2.8 mil for a TV ad featuring the Tebow football player.  I don’t know about that ad on that day but I guess it’s a free country.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a few fights broke out in sports bars throughout the country after the ad runs.

Guv Dude has decided to skip the E-Board interviews during the primary.  He’s saying that they know who he is, what he’s done, and what he wants to do, so why bother.  It will only take away from his campaigning among the hard right folks. 

What Dude is really saying is that the E-Boards are probably tired of his arse and are likely to endorse Hutch or for sure the former H-Town Mayor, so he might as well create one of those imaginary fights with the so called liberal media that will help stir up his base.

As far Commentary is concerned, if the Vice President’s son doesn’t think it is a good idea to run for his dad’s old U.S. Senate seat, then that ought to tell us that we have a whole lot of work to do. 

Speaking of, bet most folks didn’t know that mud from a Delaware River tributary is used by MLB baseball teams to rub on new baseballs before each game to get the shine off them and make them less slick.

Commentary invites you to go to  www.jarvisforcongress.com  You might learn the following about the Eighteenth Congressional District of Texas.

From a 2008 Study on Poverty

            151,855 (23%) residents are in poverty

             66,238 (35.4%) children are in poverty

            25% of women are in poverty

              28 % of African Americans are in poverty

            25% of Latinos are in poverty.

From the 2006-2008 American Community Survey Census

            67% are high school graduates or higher compared to the 85% national average

            17% have a Bachelor’s degree or better compared to the 27% national average

            50% of housing units are owner occupied compared to the 67% national average

            50% of housing units are renter occupied compared to the 33% national average

$37,133 is the median household income compared to the $52,175 national average

Stay tuned!

Which of one of these pitchers in one season started 39 games and completed all 39:  Cy Young, Walter Johnson, Jack Taylor, or Christy Mathewson? 

Speaking of, Bob Uecker is 75 today.  Uecker of “Mr. Belvedere”, the movie “Major League” (just a bit outside), Miller Lite commercials, and the voice of the Milwaukee Brewers, had 731 at-bats in the bigs.  He had a .200 career batting average with 14 dingers.  Uecker and the BrewCrew don’t make it to The Yard until Friday, July 30.

Jack Taylor of course with San Luis way back in 1904.

I’m not going to say anything about the ‘’Stros and Wandy going to arbitration over Wandy’s salary other than to say that according to the Chron, the ‘Stros are batting 1.000 in arbitration hearings over the past 13 years.  


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