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The White House reads Commentary for sure and has now decided to take charge by bringing in David Plouffe, The President’s campaign manager, to handle the politics of Democrats.  They don’t want to be caught off guard again like we were in Massachusetts. I’m thinking that they want to hold on to as many Democratic, Senate, U.S. House, and Governorships as possible.  I’m OK with that.  With the exception of the Seventeenth Congressional District of Texas, there is not much to hold on to for Dems in the Lone Star State, so don’t expect a whole lot of resources from the DNC.   What else is new?

Metal detectors are for wussies according to Guv Dude.  Who needs them at the State Capitol when folks can just whip out their pieces if some crazy goes, err, well crazy?

Commentary invites you to go to www.jarvisforcongress.com   You might learn the following about the Eighteenth Congressional District of Texas.

From a 2008 Study on Poverty

            151,855 (23%) residents are in poverty

             66,238 (35.4%) children are in poverty

            25% of women are in poverty

              28 % of African Americans are in poverty

            25% of Latinos are in poverty.

From the 2006-2008 American Community Survey Census

            67% are high school graduates or higher compared to the 85% national average

            17% have a Bachelor’s degree or better compared to the 27% national average

            50% of housing units are owner occupied compared to the 67% national average

            50% of housing units are renter occupied compared to the 33% national average

$37,133 is the median household income compared to the $52,175 national average

Stay tuned!

Some fella out of Amarillo is organizing a boycott of H-Town because of our Mayor, the new Planned Parenthood building, and the KissKam at The Yard.  I don’t have a problem with that.  In fact, if folks don’t want to come here for the above, heck, I don’t want them around.

Commentary is glad that the New Orleans Saints are going to the Super Bowl.  It was just a little over four years ago that folks in San Antonio were acting as looters in the aftermath of Katrina and trying to steal them.  Now that the Saints are in the Super Bowl, name the four NFL teams that still have not gone to the big dance?

What uniform numbers have the Baltimore Orioles retired? 

The Texans, Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, and Jacksonville Jags.

Earl Weaver (#4), Brooks Robinson (#5), Cal Ripken, Jr. (8), Frank Robinson (#20), Jim Palmer (#22), and Eddie Murray (#33), of course.

Bryant Gumbel called out Jeff Bagwell the other night on HBO.  He read an open letter:  “ Finally tonight, an open letter to baseball’s usual suspects. Dear Barry (Bonds), Roger (Clemens), Sammy (Sosa) and Rafael (Palmeiro), I’m writing in hopes you saw Mark McGwire’s phony non-apology last week and learned from it. I’m assuming that you, like most people not named Tony La Russa, got a good laugh out of Mark’s crocodile tears and his self-serving claims about truth, guilt and the pharmaceutical way.  So on behalf of all fans, do us a favor. If and when you’re ready to come clean, don’t insult us with talk of how much of what you did was God-given and how much was chemically induced. Let us figure that out, OK? And don’t play us for idiots. Spare us the lies about talking ‘roids for health reasons. We’re all grown-ups. You took stuff for the same reason most of us break or bend rules. You thought you could get away with it. And you did.  You did because commissioner Bud Selig, being Bud, was, of course, asleep at the switch when you suddenly grew Shrek-like necks and bloated biceps.    In closing guys, please feel free to share this letter with (Jeff) Bagwell, Nomar (Garciaparra), Pudge (Ivan Rodriguez) and all those others who went from hitting homers to power outages overnight. Tell ’em fans are ready to accept what happened. Tell ’em we’re ready to move on. Tell ’em that most of us get it — even if they, like you, still don’t."


Speaking of Baltimore, Miguel “Miggy” Tejada is back with the Orioles.  I don’t have problem with that.  We had him for two years and he made the MLB All Star team twice plus they gave out Miggy T-Shirts a couple of times.  We never got a Miggy bobblehead though.


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