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That’s the sound of Commentary pounding on his chest after learning that H-Town’s Fire Chief is now the Ex-Fire Chief which proves once again that folks in charge continue to turn to Commentary for guidance on the most relevant matters.  Check out Chron.com. 

Here’ what I said last Friday:  “It is now official!  H-Town now has a dumbarse for a Fire Chief.  Check out today’s Chron.   How does he expect to head a department when he participates in a meeting that a female firefighter described as ‘demeaning?’  Didn’t the city fork over a couple of hundred thousand to some law firms to check out HFD to see if there were any systems that needed fixing in the way they treat women and didn’t the law firms report that things were A-OK?  I guess they didn’t bother to interview the Fire Chief.   I wonder if the city can get their money back.”

I wonder if the Mayor is going to go get our money back from those law firms.

Commentary checked out “Obama’s America” on the MSNBC last night that was coming live from Texas Southern University.  It was OK but it should have aired earlier instead 9 to 11 pm.  I wonder why they didn’t have local folks participate on the panel.

Leslie Sanchez, a GOP operative, was on the panel and they mentioned that she used to be from H-Town.  She actually spent some time in Fort Bend County.  FYI:  Sanchez has a dog named Jalapena.

Spring Training is one month away and the ‘Stros unveiled new batting practice lid – cool.


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