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How do you figure the GOP has a shot at winning tomorrow’s U.S. Senate race up in Massachusetts?  I sure hope we pull it off tomorrow because if we don’t, national Dem leaders are going to be pointing fingers at each other and playing the blame game.  The GOP will use it to build momentum in 2010.  The GOP will say that even Massachusetts said no to health care reform.  Stay tuned!

A Jarvis Johnson for Congress sign is now in the front yard.

Commentary doesn’t have a problem with a 40 year old QB sticking it to the Cowboys when the game was already in hand yesterday.  Like Jimmy Johnson and Troy Aikman said – stop them.

For Beatles fans, a question was answered last night at the Golden Globe Awards.  According to Sir Paul, the animated film, “Yellow Submarine”, will soon be rereleased.

Commentary got his new voter registration card this past weekend. According to my card, I’m in CD 18, SD 15, HD 148, Commissioner Pct. 1, JP Pct. 1, HISD Dist. 1, and City Council District 61 – huh?  Somebody needs to do some ‘splaining.

It is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in H-Town which means we have us two parades going on at the same time – oh, brother! 

The ‘Stros will participate in the one called MLK Grande Parade that kicks off on Taft and Allen Parkway at 10 am.


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