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Guv Dude knows best, I guess.  He’s decided that the ISDs from the Lone Star State won’t try to get up to $700 mil in federal education bucks because of the strings attached.  Lone Star State Dems are pretty riled about his decision.  The teachers union has sided with Dude.  I don’t have a problem with that but do they have to stand by Dude when he makes the announcement.  Check out the video with the Houston teacher union honcho standing next to Dude yesterday.

If Dude wins his primary, this clip is going to be used and send a real nice message to teachers – great.  The sad thing about Dude’s decision is that it is motivated by his desire to win over hard right wing voters in his primary.  Opposing The President scores you brownie points with the right wingers.  It has very little to do with education policy.  The Houston teacher union honcho just should have mailed in her support rather than stand next to Dude and helping to legitimize his position.

Of course, I think her hair is better than his if you ask me.

Who holds the record for most extra-base hits in a season?

Now to putting some sanity into public education, Anna Eastman will be sworn in today as a new HISD Trustee.  Houston CM James Rodriguez will do the swearing in.

Babe Ruth, of course, in 1921 with 119 including 59 dingers, 16 triples, and 44 two-baggers.

The Big Puma holds the ‘Stros record with 94 extra-base hits in 2001 which ties him for 35th all time – cool.


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