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The Chron’s Columnist has a piece today on Dem Guv candidate Farouk Shami’s religion.  He’s not a Muslim and he’s not a Quaker.  Does it matter?  Of course it does.  It is what it is.  Why do you think it has write ups today in some of the state’s dailies.   Of course, the media is kind of dancing around what really is the issue, like Commentary is dancing around the issue.

Meanwhile, Guv Dude has decided not to go after millions of federal education dollars as ISDs across the state struggle with declining revenue. 

Speaking of, my pal Mary sent this out yesterday:

“As many of you know, I have spent years (more than 30) advocating for better education for our city’s children, particularly Latino children who still fall victim to a disastrous dropout rate and are still not going to and through colleges at the levels in which they must for our community to really pull itself up and take full advantage of the many opportunities we have in this nation.

“For decades, I have observed a public education system that has year after year put the interests of adults before the interests of children.  The public education bureaucracy has become a way to secure jobs for many and secure dollars for others.  When so many adults get satisfied, it’s hard to find people who are ready to focus on whether or not this bureaucracy is actually serving those it was built to serve: our students.

“With great pleasure, I read the articles from the Chronicle regarding how the HISD Board and Superintendent are proposing tying student achievement to teacher evaluations.  There are many, many wonderful teachers in HISD and I am proud to call many of them my friends who are proving every day that our children can learn at high levels.  However, there are other teachers who are not giving our kids the education they deserve.  And for decades, their lack of effectiveness has been protected.  Our system has protected these teachers and done so at the risk of not protecting our kids.  As you will see, there are efforts in Houston to oppose this new HISD policy.  What is particularly interesting to me is that the national head of the American Federation of Teachers, to which our local Houston Federation of Teachers is affiliated, spoke out today in support of efforts to incorporate student test scores into teacher evaluations. 

“With the majority of HISD made up of low-income Latinos the detriment to our children of having one or more years with ineffective teachers helps drive the lack of results.  I praise the School Board and Superintendent for putting the interests of children before adults.  I thank them for their leadership, their courage and I thank them for their service!  You are invited, encouraged and requested to do so as well.  Your servant, in the name of high quality education for our city’s children.”….Mary Almendarez,

Community Volunteer.

Who said the following: “That was my greatest thrill since I was converted to Christ.”

Anna Eastman gets sworn in tomorrow – cool.

Speaking of, in 1977, Rawlings became the official provider of baseballs for MLB and they were stitched up in Haiti.   Due to political instability, they shut down the plant and now they are stitched up in Costa Rica though some of their decorative baseballs are made in China – yikes.

Evangelist Billy Graham of course after he met Babe Ruth.

I wish February 1 was here so we could be done with all the speculation on who’s interested in buying the ‘Stros and instead concentrate on what has to happen for us to get World Serious.


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