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Apparently there are some folks that live close to Downtown just east of 59 that are organizing against the proposed soccer stadium.  Maybe they are interpreting the new Mayor’s campaign ads to mean that she might be receptive to their concerns.  The stadium proponents better get their arses in gear or they might get overrun.  Stay tuned!

From my pal Edward Ybarra:  “Just a friendly reminder that Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP) will be registering new voters Saturday (tomorrow) at the Houston Hispanic Forum Career Day at the downtown George Brown Convention Center, 3rd Floor, Hall A-3, 1001 Avenida de las Americas, Houston, TX 77010, from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Please email ( edybarra@yahoo.com )  or call me at 832-724-9580 to let me know what hours you can help register new Latino voters Saturday.  SU VOTO ES SU VOZ. We will have a booth at the exhibit area.”

Way to go!

Commentary goofed yesterday.  Last night’s game was on ABC – not Fox.

The loud groan we heard last night after the freshman Longhorn QB was blindsided and fumbled with two minutes left in the game were the folks that took the Longhorns and five points – ouch!

Did you know that the Boston Red Sox before Red Sox used to be called the Puritans?  I don’t know about Puritan Nation.

Meanwhile, no news from the Colt 4….errr…’Stros today!


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