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HISD’s Yates High School basketball team put a hurt on Lee High 170 to 35 and now the Lee coach is crying foul.  According to the Chron, the Lee coach said “I feel very disrespected.”  Yates is one of the premier high school basketball teams in the U.S. of A.  Commentary’s advice to the Lee coach:  practice, practice, practice.

The Lone Star project folks put out a take yesterday propping certain statewide Dem candidates.  Not so fast replied the BurkaBlog.  Check it out.   Burkablog called the Lone Star claim “nonsense.”  I wonder what the Lone Star fella will say if The Kinkhole ends up on the statewide ticket.  I wonder if the former Travis County DA feels dissed, after all he did have a small hand in taking down DeLay.

That Dave Wilson fella that is running as a Dem for Harris County Commissioner is going to make it tough for Dem folks in that commissioner’s precinct to vote the (pardon the pun) straight ticket.

Applause goes to Rick Rodriguez, Hugo Mojica, and Ruby Ramirez for leading a local Latino voter registration project sponsored by the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project.  Last night a kick-off meeting was held at a local eatery that was attended by close to 20 folks.  For more info or if you want to volunteer contact buzzruby2day@yahooo.com, rickrodriguez09@yahoo.com, or hugomojica@aol.com

Former ‘Stro Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson is hanging up his cleats.  Those two months he was with us in 1998 were pretty exciting.  He went 10-1 with a 1.28 ERA and struck out 116 in 84 1/3 innings.  I thought we were World Serious bound but got derailed by San Diego in the NLDS – drats!


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