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Commentary will be at the City of H-Town Inaugural Ceremony this morning then wait to see who decides to run for something this afternoon – the last day to file.

It looks like labor leader Linda Chavez-Thompson will be getting in the race of Lite Guv in the Dem Primary.

On the Star Telegram’s website, there is a bit about this Alvarado fella that is running for the Dem nomination for Guv complaining that Dem Party folks want him to drop out of the race presumably because he would be pulling Latino votes away from Bill White in the March Dem Primary. Alvarado says he’s “disgusted” at the effort made to persuade him to exit the ballot.  Check it out.  The last things Dems need to be doing are getting this fella out of the race.  We’re going to need a good statewide Latino turnout in November of 2010 if we hope to win.  In the long run, we’re better served if the former H-Town Mayor starts having to directly engage the Latino voter during the Dem Primary.  If we get this Alvarado fella out of the primary, then it will be business as usual, where nothing is spent directly engaging the Latino voter in March.  Then we get to the general election where the Latino vote is the last item budgeted.  Then we get a low Latino turnout and then we get the same old results and our arses handed to us.

HISD’s controversial alternative school program got some more run in the Chron this past weekend.  Check it out.  The teachers’ union honcho and supporter of the current program says this:  “When a kid threatens a teacher’s life or physically assaults them, they’re not coming back to the classroom.  I don’t care if I have to sit their happy butts in (Superintendent) Grier’s office.”  Stay tuned!

Austin now has a ban on text messaging while driving.  I want to know why H-Town doesn’t have a ban.

Commentary also got a Baseball Trivia Desk Calendar that I’ll throw at folks this year.  For starters, “Who posted a .356 lifetime batting average but never won a batting title – Roger Hornsby, Bill Terry, Pie Traynor, Joe Jackson, or Stan Musial?  Which Hall of Famer was the first to hit two grand slams in a game – Babe Ruth, Roger Hornsby, Joe Jackson, Lou Gehrig, or Tony Lazzeri? 

Noble Ginther, Jr. left us a few days ago.  Noble ran for H-Town Mayor in 1977.  Commentary helped him out. In fact during that race, Muhammad Ali endorsed Noble and cut a cool radio ad with the “Rocky Theme” music in the background.  The campaign would only let the Ali ad run on African American radio even though I argued why not go on ahead and put it on other radio stations.  It was an interesting campaign because Noble was a new and fresh face.  I still have a pic of the Champ and Noble together.

The Texans stayed alive until around 9 pm last night then the Bengals tanked.  Well at least they are keeping the head coach which is a good thing.

Commentary saw a cool flick this weekend – “Avatar.”  Check it out!

“Shoeless Joe” Jackson and Tony Lazzeri – everybody knows that!

The ‘Stros first spring training game is two months from today against the Nationals.


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