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The decade’s final day will be a slow one around these parts.  Ten years ago I spent it in Vegas as some folks fretted about Y2K which never happened. 

We now have us five Dems running for Guv – so far.  The H-Town Mayor, the fella with 10 mil to spend, a Latino, and a Latina are among the bunch.  Of course, everyone thinks the H-Town Mayor will win the primary, but can he win without a run-off with the race just a little over two months away.  Stay tuned!

From the Chron’s Business Section this past weekend: “Roman Martinez has been named president of Texas Taxi. Texas Taxi is the parent company of Houston’s largest provider of taxi services. It also has operations in Galveston, Austin and San Antonio. Martinez conceptualized and launched Taxis Fiesta with Greater Houston Transportation Co. in 1984. Marlise Skinner has been named president of Greater Houston Transportation Co., Yellow Cab, Taxis Fiesta, United Cab and Yellow Cab of Galveston. Yellow Cab Houston is Texas Taxi’s flagship company.”

Way to go Roman!

I wonder what is the over/under on Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano keeping her job?

Commentary was reminded yesterday that we now have three Houston Community College Latina trustees.  Speaking of, HCC got some run in today’s Chron.  Check it out.  Yikes!

One of the biggest stories of the last ten years was the election of The President.

Bin Laden stayed on the run.

We got a Supreme Latina.

ipods ruled!

Nobody buys camera film these days.

Newspaper deliveries are old school.

Reality TV dumb downed the U.S. of A.

The singing of “God Bless America” is now a staple at MLB games on Sundays and holidays.

In the NCAA and NFL, wide receivers and defensive backs don’t wear kneepads – ouch!

Two women now serve as anchors on network TV evening newscasts.

You can now buy cupcakes at The Yard.

I wonder what Commentary will be commenting about ten years from today.

Happy New Decade and I’ll see you Monday, January 4,  2010!


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