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Fresh from the No Guts No Glory Department:  The City of H-Town Term Limits Commission was announced yesterday.  Check it out in today’s Chron.  They will be meeting and maybe propose a change to the current three two year term system.  What isn’t on the table is eliminating term limits all together.  Come on now!  If you are going to have a real policy discussion about term limits in H-Town, you have to have the elimination of term limits as an option.  They should call the panel the Tinker with Term Limits Commission or the Tinker Toy Bunch.  Because of this, Commentary is going to be inclined to vote against whatever the panel recommends.

Let me ask this, since term limits were first approved by the voters in 1991, have city services diminished?  If so, can we blame term limits?

Another big decade story that impacted H-Town was the 2008 economic meltdown that now has us at a double digit unemployment rate.  Of course, here in H-Town, we got us a pre taste with the collapse of Enron.

In politics I would have to say getting Delayed back in 2003 was a big one and thanks to Obama’s coattails in 2008, we kind of got even here in Harris County.

Another one was the 2001 epic battle between Mayor Lee Brown and Orlando Sanchez – whew!  We had to pull out all the stops on that baby.

Of course, the recent election of Annise Parker has to rank among the decade’s top local stories.

I would also add the Obama/Clinton Texas Primary match of 2008.  Everybody showed up to Two Step.

For Latinos/Latinas, we have us now a County Commissioner, Sheriff, Treasurer, and Tax Assessor Collector, but only two H-Town Council member and our voter turnout is miserable.

Two folks that I wake up with most mornings have BDs today.  Happy Birthdays to Meredith Viera and Matt Lauer!  The greatest lefty in MLB history is 74 today.  Happy Birthday to Sandy Koufax!  Tiger is 34 today but probably feeling more like 74.  Happy Birthday Tiger Woods and I wonder where your soon to be ex-wife is going to stuff your cake!

The ‘Stros sent me a cool appointments calendar yesterday and Opening Day is just over three months away!


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