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CEWDEM put a scorching on former H-Town CM Gordon Quan yesterday over Gordon’s past support of GOPers.   I’m sure once Gordon starts going through the Dem groups screening process, he’ll get asked why he supported GOPer M.J. Khan over Dem Ron Green in the race for City Controller.  I’m figuring Gordon was thinking about November 2010 and sort of cut a deal to get a lot of the Khan backers.  Stay tuned!

Speaking of, former H-Town CM Ben T. Reyes got some run in today’s Chron. Check it out.  It is an interesting article.

Speaking of, future H-Town CM Al Hoang didn’t do anything wrong regarding his homestead exemptions.  Of course, he still hasn’t come clean on his residency and campaign finance reports questions. Check it out in today’s Chron.

With three days left in the decade, you would have to say that surviving W’s eight years was one of the biggest stories.  He lost focus on one war, got us into a wrong war, lied to us about WMDs, and left office with the economy in the ditch.  It was one heckuva job!

Locally, we had a kind of stormy decade – Allison, Katrina, Rita, and Ike all made things miserable for a bunch of folks.

In sports, the new venues – The Yard, Toyota Center, and Reliant Stadium – made H-Town a first class professional sports city. In 2005 we got to see a World Serious. The NFL returned and the Comets disappeared.  We got us a Yao that has yet to turn into a wow and the T-Mac experiment fizzled out.

Among the baseball related gifts I got this Christmas were a ‘Stros UNO game, a home plate shape door mat, a ‘Stros candy cane ornament, a baseball trivia desk calendar, and a wall calendar with a different MLB baseball stadium for every month – and yes, The Yard is included – cool!.


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