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In this last week of the decade folks will be putting out their lists of the best, worst, most, least, happiest, funniest and so on of the last ten years.  Heck, why not?

Of course, nothing tops September 11, 2001.  That changed everything for sure.  Now it looks like you can’t even go to the bathroom on an airliner during the last hour of the flight.

One of the biggest game changers of the decade is that everyone now has an opinion.  I’m talking about how we all communicate on the internet as compared to ten years ago.  We’ve now got fellas, errr bloggers analyzing how political campaigns are run that have never worked on a political campaign – go figure.

I don’t think text messaging existed ten years ago.

More to follow!

My pal Miya Shay put out the news last week that Gordon Quan will be running for County Judge.  That is very interesting.  She also said that Gordon endorsed M.J. Khan for Controller against Dem Ron Green.   Now that is not good.  Gordon will be running against County Judge Ed “Hunker Down” Emmett who most folks think has done a pretty good job.  Right now I would think that the political climate favors the incumbent County Judge.  Stay tuned!

It looks like the Texans gave us something to talk about all week.

My Brown Eyed Girl and I went to see “It’s Complicated” this past weekend.  Check it out!

All is quiet on the ‘Stros front this week.


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