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This Christmas season I’ve gotten cards from folks with their mugs on them.  I like them because of the message they send.  I have one from CM James and The Lovelier Wendy with Jake who looks like he wasn’t going to sit still and wait for folks to say cheese.  The Gordon Quan card looks like he’s got his campaign team ready to go.  My God Daughter Lisette and Mike are letting us know that a young one is on the way.  Judge Carter’s is definitely letting us know that he’s a family fella.  Hot shot lawyer Sofia Adrogue has got a lot going on with her family and she and her hubby are handling it in style.  Sheriff Garcia and Monica have one with their nearly grown up daughter.  Joe B. Allen’s law firm card looks like one of those pro sports team photos.  Of course Tessa and Eric are letting us see their creative side.  Heidi Hedrick has her two boys in Christmas land.  My old colleague Jim Nelson and his kids are all grown up.  My nephew Dave and Beth have Jackson in just his Christmas suit.  Cong. Chet Edwards is letting us know that they are an all American family.  I’ve been getting Bill’s and Andrea’s cards for a long time – their kids aren’t kids anymore

Commentary has gotten a few comments from folks on this year’s Christmas Card.  You can check it out here:  http://www.camposcommunications.com

Since there isn’t a whole lot of politics going on two days before Christmas, I’ll go back to the HISD District 1 canvass. I found in precincts 543, 677, 787 and 846 the run-off turnout was a tad higher than the November 3 turnout.  Now these are small precincts but I still found it interesting.

Commentary’s family opens their Christmas gifts on Christmas Day.  Santa drops gifts off in the wee hours of the morning. When I was a kid, I always wondered why some folks opened their gifts on Christmas Eve.

Speaking of, if you head to the Team Store today at The Yard, you can pick up long sleeve gear and ‘Stros jackets for half price.  Don’t pass up this good deal!


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