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Only the old school H-Town folks got to read the front page story about the Mayor-Elect in the hard copy of the Chron yesterday morning.  Commentary went out and fetched it off the driveway.  Others had to drag their arse to the local convenience store and plunk down a couple of bucks because it wasn’t online.  The front page story was promoted on Chron.com Friday and Saturday, but in a nice marketing ploy that probably brought in a few extra bucks, the Chron decided to hold off on posting it until late last night.  Some folks resorted to clipping, pasting and scanning and sending it out.  Way to go Chron!

The local GOP reads Commentary for sure.   The following ran this weekend on Chron.com.

(December 19, 2009) “GOP looks east”

Posted by the Chron’s Chris Moran

“The local Republican Party plans to open a satellite office on the county’s east side, in part as a way to reach out to Hispanics.

“The party will take over the lease on the eastside headquarters of the Roy Morales for mayor campaign in mid-January, Harris County GOP Chairman Jared Woodfill said. The party’s main office will continue to operate on Richmond Avenue near River Oaks.

“Woodfill said the party will offer free classes in English-as-a-second-language, as well as seminars on small business and Social Security benefits.

“A Pew Hispanic Center analysis of exit poll data in last year’s presidential elections indicated that President Obama received 63 percent of the state’s Latino vote, compared with 35 percent for John McCain.

“Woodfill argues that Republicans have an attractive message for Hispanics in promoting limited government, traditional marriage and opposition to abortion.

“’For too long, as Republicans we have not taken our values to the community,’ said Woodfill, a lawyer running for re-election as party chairman against three other lawyers in March. ‘We’ve allowed the Democrats to go in and define who we are as a party. Part of the battle is showing up and letting people know what you stand for.’”

Meanwhile, the local Dems do nothing.

Commentary along with UH’s Tatcho Mindiola, County Treasurer Orlando Sanchez, and Winstead’s Gracie Saenz gave our post election takes on Channel 13 yesterday morning.

Speaking of, some fella opened up his piehole this past weekend and put together his H-Town election winners and losers list and put in Latino Politicians in the losers’ list for the poor Latino voter turnout.   Of course nobody would even be paying attention to the Latino turnout issue if it hadn’t been for Commentary.

Commentary only drops by the Galleria once a year.  It is always right before Christmas to do some shopping.   Yesterday there were a bunch of shoppers there.  I was walking by Victoria Secret and there were these huge posters of scantily clad women.  One of them had one of those thong undies that showed all of her arse.  I don’t know about that with all the families there.  There was this other clothing store with a young male buffed up model type wearing only jeans that were barely above his you know what area.  He standing in front of the store shirtless and barefoot and young women were coming up to him and snapping up photos with him with their iphone and cell phone gizmos.  I also don’t know about that.

Commentary checked out the Team Store this past Saturday at The Yard.  If you are looking for nice gear, they got some good bargains over there and no crowds so check them out!

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